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Developer(s) Taito
Publisher(s) Midway
Release date(s) 1975/Mar.
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

It's been verified on schematics that this game doesn't have anything to dump. All TTL based, no ROMs.

This game is also known as Midway Racer. (Model #591.) The difference is there were two different cab models marketed by Midway. The logic schematics sheet has both "Wheels" and "Racer" printed on the sheet and confirms there are no PROMs to be dumped.

Supposedly it is an import version or perhaps license of Taito's Speed Race.

Seen 02/1975, 03/1975, 04/1975, 05/1975 as dates for this game.

Model #591.

There also may be a "Wheels DX" cabinet.

andys-arcade may have an unscanned manual: Wheels & Racer Midway February 1975 manual that isn't the parts catalog. andys-arcade also has schematics.

gregf has schematics.

Monitor oriented vertically.

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