Whiskey Barrel 6 Game

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Whiskey Barrel 6 Game
Whiskey barrel.png
Developer(s) Elcon Industries
Release date(s) 1975
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic?

Possibly just a special cabinet, Elcon Industries was primarily a cabinet manufacturer at first. Perhaps you can find Double Play or Triple Play in this cabinet. Image is from the March 1976 Play Meter magazine issue.

However, a game with this title is mentioned in Jim Hernandez's game list from 1999 as "6 Game", not "two game" or "three game". Elcon later made another six-game cabinet (called "The Six Pack"), but not until 1977.

Current thinking is perhaps this game title is an accidental combination of (possibly) "Whiskey Barrel", a cabinet which would probably have provided Elcon's Double Play or Triple Play in 1975, and "The Six Pack", the cabinet from 1977 (neither one of them actually games).

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