Zintrick / Oshidashi Zentrix / Droppers

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Zintrick / Oshidashi Zentrix / Droppers
Developer(s) Alpha Denshi (ADK)
Release date(s) 1996
Arcade system(s) NeoGeo MVS
Arcade display raster

A bootleg / hack of this prototype is in MAME . According to System 16, Droppers was the pre-production title.

1996/02 Presentation (MVS) @ AOU SHOW. 1996/03 Presentation (MVS) @ Acme Show in Orlando, Florida.

Neogeo game ID, according to arcade.lst: 0211. According to other sources, 0111.

Also known as "Droppers - Fuyuutou no Daibouken".

Supposedly this game was released for NeoGeo CD, but it is believed some MVS prototypes could exist.

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