Clrmamepro 4.029a released. Removed possible merger security issue.


Updated the deflopt link/version.


Clrmamepro 4.029 released. Mainly some batcher cleanup.

Back by public demand...the ButtonBars section.


Back by public demand...the ZipMax section.

And thanks to Stiletto, a pretty big cmpro history list was added, too.


Clrmamepro 4.028 released. Just some fixes/addons for 4.027.


Clrmamepro 4.027 released. Happy New Year..cough cough...mostly core updates.


Clrmamepro 4.026 released. Mainly fixed a possible crash during hash generation.


Clrmamepro 4.025 released. Some general fixes and updates for users with UHD screens.


Clrmamepro 4.024 released. Updated the packer libraries and fixed a general zip64 bug.


Clrmamepro 4.023 released. A bunch of fixes mainly for overseen unneeded chds and some new setinformation feature.


Clrmamepro 4.022 released. A bunch of fixes and started to use a new building platform. 32bit version will be still usable on Windows XP.

A yes...and a small cleanup of the homepage...

You want to donate...

clrmamepro is totally free and you don't have to donate anything. Since a lot people asked me how they can donate something, I added a PayPal account and an Amazon Wishlist.

Amazon Wishlist. Check out wishlist and search for "Roman Scherzer". There are multiple search results. Select the one representing: Roman Scherzer, Bonn, Germany / Deutschland, ClrMame / ClrMamePro

Apple iTunes gifts/coupon codes are always welcome, too :)

Thanks a lot for all kind of donations. Your support is highly appreciated.



Here you can download the latest version of clrmamepro.

clrmamepro 32bit 4.029a (zip) (3381kb)
clrmamepro 32bit 4.029a (exe) (2593kb)
clrmamepro 64bit 4.029a (zip) (3986kb)
clrmamepro 64bit 4.029a (exe) (2994kb)

Change Log

  • misc merger: "clean sets" option gets disabled when "move sets to" option is used. Otherwise it's too risky to accidently wipe out sets when doing multiple runs.
  • misc: compiled with VS Studio 2015 Update 2

  • fixed: software list export has a space at the end of the prolog
  • fixed: rare rebuild name-case-pick problem when rebuilding parent/clone sets where the clone uses different case in naming of the parent files
  • fixed: %H does not match all chd-only ones
  • added: setinfo lists referenced device roms in set file list
  • added: settings->compressor->chdman option setting to hide console window during verify process
  • added: batcher scanner option to include/exclude chd decompress in deep modes
  • added: batcher scanner option to disable deep (sha1/md5/full decompress) scan
  • misc: reorganized batcher prop pages (mainly used radio buttons for some options)
  • misc: updated unrar dll to 5.31

Vista/Windows7/8/10 user note:

If you install cmpro to a protected folder like C:\program files\, you have to set the compatibility properties of cmpro.exe to 'run this program as administrator' to work correctly or you have to disable UAC. In other folders it should work fine without setting this property and without the need of disabling UAC.

Linux WINE/Mac Crossover user note:

If you got problems with the main window, set the option 'Adv_HideWindow = off' in cmpro.ini. In case you don't have a cmpro.ini yet, create one with the following two lines:
Adv_HideWindow = off

Windows 9x/XP Users:

Update your OS!


How to use this piece of software...

clrmamepro 4.x documentation is currently under complete rewrite....

clrmamepro 3.x documentation can be found here

In the meantime tutorials might help you:


Good old ZipMax

Here you can download the latest version of ZipMax. It's not being developed anymore.

Read the how2compile.txt & copyright.txt before compiling zipmax. Both files are available in the archive.

You may need 7zip's zip program to use it. Here you can also download Ben Jos Walbeehm's Tools:


4.028 (2016-02-04)

  • misc: dir2dat, software exports adds offset=0
  • misc: dir2dat, prevent system sleep mode
  • misc: dir2dat, add manufacturer from folder also works for non-single-set mode
  • misc: dir2dat, when addYear/addManufacturer is used, tags get initialized with "????" (unless they get a value assigned by other options)
  • fixed: setinfo tree disappears when no devices or mechanicals are used

4.027 (2016-01-25)

  • misc: 32bit version still runs on SSE1 processors
  • misc: compiled with VS Studio 2015 Update 1
  • misc: updated to unrar lib/sdk 5.31.1 and 7z lib/sdk to 15.14
  • misc: prevent system sleep mode for scan, rebuild, merge tasks
  • misc: the minimum value for rebuilder option to skip folder after X skipped files is now 1
  • added: setinfo tree lists empty sets only on request (context menu) and empty tree branches are removed
  • misc: setinfo tree gets reendered on actions (apply, invert, etc) when show enabled/disabled is used
  • added: %r=1, %P=1, %H=1 variable (has roms, is sample-only set, is chd-only set)
  • misc: select sets variables %h,%p,%M,%B,%I,%r,%P,%H also supports =0 now (e.g. %h=1 has chds; %h=0 hasn't chds)
  • removed: cmpro.ini switch Adv_DatFormatXML, Export format (from setinfo) can now be switched in dir2dat
  • added: dir2dat can export in softwarelist format (pretty preliminary but a start)
  • added: dir2dat option add manufacturer -> from folder, which takes the current folder name as manufacturer/publisher (in single set mode only)
  • hint: if you don't collect chds/samples and don't want cmpro to moan about missing sets, you can use %H=1;%P=1 (Apply, Invert, check 'initial invert' checkbox) to disable chd-only and sample-only sets

4.026 (2015-10-25)

  • fixed: memory corruption and random crash during sethash generation
  • fixed: disabled softwarelists with non-unique assigned paths could lead to wrong missing set messages
  • added: set information copy2clipboard context menu to generate set lists
  • misc: updated 7z library and sdk to 15.09

4.025 (2015-10-12)

  • misc: better support for UHD screens (button bar, statistic window output, initial default size of sizeable windows)
  • misc: updated unrar library 5.30.5
  • misc: updated 7z library and sdk to 15.08
  • fixed: crash when going from profiler create to scanner setinfo
  • fixed: exception when loading of 7z dll failed
  • fixed: evil romcheck skip when chds of the set are missing and the archive is stored in the same path
  • fixed: re-fixed wrong placed/unneeded chd detection problem when setnames share the same name across software lists
  • fixed: showing wrong bad chd checksum messages when setnames share the same name across software lists and one chd is missing
  • fixed: unneeded set check marks some sets as unneeded when you have a pretty uncommon setup where chds in the dat are listed as roms with subfolders

4.024 (2015-09-23)

  • fixed: cmpro still shows a wrong checksum message for unneeded chds even after removing them
  • fixed: general 32bit cut down issue when calculating size/checksums of files in zip64 archives
  • misc: xml datfiles with "machine" elements instead of game elements are parsed, too
  • misc: xml datfile export (either setinformation or dir2dat) uses "machine" as set element (cmpro.ini Adv_SetElementXML value holds the value in case you want to change it to "game")
  • misc: updated zipclass library to 4.6.2
  • misc: updated unrar library 5.30.4
  • misc: updated 7z library and sdk to 15.07
  • misc: ah yeah, if you don't know already, zip64 format now is officially supported

4.023 (2015-09-18)

  • fixed: cmpro did not mark old chd files (replaced with identical named but different checksum files) as unneeded
  • fixed: cmpro oversees some unneeded chds (dupe) chds in sysdef paths when the correct chd is also present (quizard sets)
  • fixed: cmpro doesn't warn about some unpacked rom files within chd subfolders if a rom archive also exists
  • added: setinformation "initial invert" option, which inverts your selection on database load (so you need to manually hit the invert button)

4.022 (2015-08-29)

  • misc: new compiler (VS2015) under Windows 10 Pro
  • misc: 7z/rar warnings are now shown in the warning window, not as a messagebox anymore which you have to click
  • misc: profiler move/add datfiles overwrite prompts support yes/no to all
  • fixed: wrong "wrong case" set message when a chd is missing
  • fixed: 7z/rar detection of obsolete folders fails in some cases
  • fixed: datfile nodump flag gets ignored in case of an additional size=0 entry
  • fixed: nodump without any size entry were not imported
  • fixed: wrong rar bad crc message when deleting full archives

4.021a (2015-07-20)

  • fixed: possible crash with corrupt settings file
  • fixed: rare issue where a sample parent set with no samples for its own and multi-softwarelist support is marked as unneeded
  • fixed: possible crash on cmpro start on read-only device or full device
  • fixed: structural issues and possible crash when using dats with releases and run into double name issues
  • fixed: double name check when using releases
  • fixed: some dialogs don't use "MS Sans Serif" as font...
  • fixed: adjusted some warning messages to use [SOFT] instead of [LIST]
  • fixed: setinformation "hide parent" does not work for listed disks
  • fixed: unpacked set with chds can be falsely detected as misplaced
  • fixed: rare typo based bug in checking unneeded sets/chds
  • fixed: hashcollision sets with nodumps can create circular fix-unneeded/fix-missing scenarios
  • misc: better unneeded detection of chds within an identical setnames relation (softwarelists/Non-Software List)
  • misc: better wrong sysdefpath detection of chds within an identical setnames relation (softwarelists/Non-Software List)
  • added: automatically detect mame and mess as xml root elements
  • added: supporting biossets with samples (and sampleof) elements

More History

Even more history can be found here.