Rebuilder 0.06 released

source and destination matching is now done in multiple threads which give a nice speed boost...more


Rebuilder 0.05 released

did a general unicode handling overhaul...more

....and since I had a little time and wanted to test something, I've added a tiny rebuilderUI version ;-)


Rebuilder 0.04 released

7z support is in, small speedup, detection by byte signature, selectable tempfolder...more


Clrmamepro 4.047 released

Another year comes to its end. The update only contains a small 3rd party lib update mainly to put zlib to a current status.

Enjoy the holiday season, merry xmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2023.


Rebuilder 0.03 released

Added hard/sym link support plus real moves (instead of copy/delete) on single file transfers.


Clrmamepro 4.046b released

Another small rare thing fixed


Rebuilder 0.02 released

Full/standalone merged sets in decompresses sets can't be stored in subfolders. Same for CHDs.

Clrmamepro 4.046a released

Only did some minor compatibility things for the rebuilder tool


Clrmamepro 4.046 released

Only did some minor compatibility things for the rebuilder tool


Rebuilder 0.01 released

Yes...something new, something fast, something I've enjoyed coding. Rebuilder is a small commandline tool which has some advantages over the rebuilder in clrmamepro. Faster, Standalone merge mode, CHD rebuild to name a few.


Clrmamepro 4.045 released

I've overseen a little sideeffect on full merged sets in grab the new one.


Clrmamepro 4.044d released

while working on something completely different, I found 2 minor things to fix....


Clrmamepro 4.044c released

little fix for scanner's fix-missing which might silently replace a file


Clrmamepro 4.044b released

mainly a little xml parser fix

You want to donate...

clrmamepro is totally free and you don't have to donate anything. Since a lot people asked me how they can donate something, I added a PayPal account.

Thanks a lot for all kind of donations. Your support is highly appreciated.



Here you can download the latest version of Rebuilder.

rebuilder 64bit 0.06 (zip) (4.05mb)

Here you can download the latest version of clrmamepro.

clrmamepro 32bit 4.047 (zip) (5517kb)
clrmamepro 32bit 4.047 (exe) (3903kb)
clrmamepro 64bit 4.047 (zip) (6151kb)
clrmamepro 64bit 4.047 (exe) (4647kb)

Change Log


  • updated ziparchive (4.6.9) and unrar (6.20.3)
  • misc: show warning when trimming removed a whitespace rom names with subfolders

Vista/Windows7/8/10 user note:

If you install cmpro to a protected folder like C:\program files\, you have to set the compatibility properties of cmpro.exe to 'run this program as administrator' to work correctly or you have to disable UAC. In other folders it should work fine without setting this property and without the need of disabling UAC.

Linux WINE/Mac Crossover user note:

If you got problems with the main window, set the option 'Adv_HideWindow = off' in cmpro.ini. In case you don't have a cmpro.ini yet, create one with the following two lines:
Adv_HideWindow = off

Windows 9x/XP Users:

Update your OS!, no really, update your OS


How to use this piece of software...

clrmamepro 4.x documentation is currently under complete rewrite....

clrmamepro 3.x documentation can be found here

In the meantime tutorials might help you:


Good old ZipMax

Here you can download the latest version of ZipMax. It's not being developed anymore.

Read the how2compile.txt & copyright.txt before compiling zipmax. Both files are available in the archive.

You may need 7zip's zip program to use it. Here you can also download Ben Jos Walbeehm's Tools:


History can be found here.