Merger Dialog

What's merging anyway ? Some sets are so called 'parent' or 'clone' sets. They share some ROMs and it's possible to put these files in the same sets. That's merging. There are three kinds of storing sets:

  1. No Merging - every single gameset has all files it needs in its set.
  2. Split (Merging) - files which belongs to the parent set are stored in this parent set. Other files stay at their places.
  3. (Full) Merging - all clone files are also stored in the parent set. So you only have the parent set with all clones in it.

Unmerging is the opposite of merging and it will create sets which aren't merged. (Compare 'No Merging')

Merging can last from seconds to hours. That depends on the amount of files, the filesizes, your CPU, your HD the compressionlevel and the thread priority. It's possible to stop the process at any time.

Be warned: The backup option in the settings dialog doesn't work for merging ! Use (disable) the CleanSet instead if you don't want to lose any data.

Hint: in most case the Rebuilder is the better choice.

The options:

The title bar shows the currently selected profile and the number of selected sets. This behaviour was changed to a tool tip appearing when hovering over the title. For further information check out the settings dialog. Always be careful if the number doesn't match your selected number. The lower window is the warnings window. All warnings will be listed there. For the warnings-window popupmenu options, go and take a look in the scanner documentation.



You can select which Systems... you want to (un-)merge. Only active systems will be used.


Merge Options

With the following two options you set your wanted merge method.



Now you can also specify what to do with the files and the old files.

With the placement options you specify where the new merged files will be put to.


Gameset which are neither parents nor clones stay in their original places !

And finally the one important button to start the unmerging or merging process.