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Game NameZip Name SVN # / MESS v.Working?Notes
Actua Golf (T-18710G) actuagolj r20426 No Gets stuck at now loading screen.
Actua Soccer (T-18706G) actuasocj r20437 Yes No shadows?
Advanced V.G. (Variable Geo) (T-32501G) advanced r20921 Yes
Advanced V.G. (Variable Geo) (Genteiban) T-32506G
Advanced World War Sennen Teikoku no Koubou ~Last of the Millennium~ (GS-9087) aww r20496 Partial Various GFX/sound issues.
Advanced World War Sennen Teikoku no Koubou ~Last of the Millennium~ (Satakore) GS-9190
Adventure Pack ~Nanatsu no Hikan & Myst~ (T-7639G) nanatsuh / mystj
After Burner II (GS-9109) aburner2 r21173 Partial No sound samples, VDP1 transparency bugs.
Ai Igo (T-17601G) aiigo r20437 Yes
Ai Iijima - Good Island Cafe (T-25201G) aiiijima r20437 Partial Missing gfxs after the first FMV.
Ai Shougi (T-18602G) aishogi r20437 Partial Crashes randomly
Ai Shougi 2 T-17602G #
Air Management '96 T-7611G airman96 r20594 Partial Missing pointer for selections.
Air Management '96 (Koei Best Collection) T-7668G
Airs Adventure (T-20701G) airsadve r20437 Yes
Akumajou Dracula X ~Gekka no Yasoukyoku~ (T-9527G) draculax r20921 Yes Randomly hangs with a Maria new game loading.
Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~Legend of Eldean~ (T-1514G) albodysj r20553 Partial Various gfx issues, crashes if the back-up RAM is full.
Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~Legend of Eldean~ (Genteiban) T-1507G
Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~Legend of Eldean~ (Satakore) T-1517G
Album Club (Mune Kyun) ~Saint Paulia Jogakuin~ (T-21903G) albumclu r20594 Yes
Alien Trilogy (T-8113G) alientrijb r20443 Yes
Alone in the Dark 2 (T-10602G) alondrk2j r20437 Partial Uses Timer 1 irq, busted timings due of it.
Amagi Shien T-1513G amagishi r20445 No Hangs on Sega license logo due of CD block.
America Oudan Ultra Quiz (T-6004G) amoudan r20487 Yes
A.M.O.K. (T-7637G) amokj r20487 Yes Minor gfx issues.
AnEarth Fantasy Stories ~The First Volume~ (T-27801G) anearth r20595 Yes
Angel Graffiti S ~Anata he no Profile~ (T-7308G) angelgs r20487 Yes
Angel Paradise Vol.1 Sakaki Yuko ~Koi no Yokan in Hollywood~ (T-2403G) anglpar1 r20595 Yes Jumpy initial FMV
Angel Paradise Vol.2 Yoshino Kimika ~Isshoni I-ta-i in Hawaii~ (T-2405G) anglpar2 r20595 Yes
Angelique Duet (T-7662G) angduet r20595 Yes
Angelique Duet (Premium Box) T-7663G
Angelique Special (T-7615G) angspec r20595 Yes
Angelique Special (Premium Box) T-7622G
Angelique Special (Premium Pack) T-7650G
Angelique Special 2 T-7627G #
Angelique Special 2 (Premium Box) T-7638G
Another Memories (T-38001G) amemorie r20595 No Black screen.
Aqua-World ~Umi Monogatari~ (T-30301G) aquawld r20610 No Missing GFXs, no FMV?
Aquazone Desktop Life (T-24001G) aquazone r20984 Yes Gfx issue on title screen.
Aquazone Option Disc Series 1 Angel Fish (T-24002G) aquaopt1 r20595 ? Needs the aforementioned disk.
Aquazone Option Disc Series 2 Black Molly T-24003G aquaopt2
Aquazone Option Disc Series 3 Blue Emperor T-24004G aquaopt3
Aquazone Option Disc Series 4 Clown Loach T-2005G aquaopt4
Aquazone Option Disc Series 5 False Rummy-Nose T-24006G aquaopt5
Arcana Strikes T-10311G acstrike r20592 Yes
Area 51 (T-18613G) area51j r20950 Yes
Arthur to Astaroth no Nazomakaimura ~Incredible Toons~ T-1209G nazomak r20950 Yes
Assault Rigs (T-18606G) assrigs r20921 Yes
Assault Suits Leynos 2 (T-2501G) aleynos2 r20437 Yes Priority issues.
Astra Superstars T-1521G astrass r20594 Yes Missing samples on gameplay.
Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Limited T-16708G asuka120 r20609 Yes
Ayakashi Ninden Kunoichiban Plus (T-21512G) ankpls r20595 Yes
Ayrton Senna Personal Talk ~Message for the Future~ GS-9020 asenna r20595 Yes
Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG (GS-9076) azelpanz r20496 Yes GFX issue(s) on name select.