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Game NameZip Name SVN # / MESS v.Working?Notes
Can Can Bunny Extra (T-19706G) cancanex r20737 Yes
Can Can Bunny Premiere (T-19701G) cancanp r20737 Yes
Can Can Bunny Premiere (Thank You Soft) T-19704G
Can Can Bunny Premiere 2 (T-19703G) cancanp2 r20737 Yes
Can Can Bunny Premiere 2 (Thank You Soft) T-19705G
Capcom Generation ~Dai 1 Shuu Gekitsui Ou no Jidai~ (T-1232G) capgen1 r20559 Yes
Capcom Generation ~Dai 2 Shuu Makai to Kishi~ (T-1233G) capgen2 r20559 Yes Cho Makai Mura has various GFX issues. Very jerky ROZ usage on level 4.
Capcom Generation ~Dai 3 Shuu Kokoni Rekishi Hajimaru~ (T-1234G) capgen3 r20559 Yes
Capcom Generation ~Dai 4 Shuu Kokou no Eiyuu~ (T-1235G) capgen4 r20559 Partial Gfx issue on Main title screen. Badly oriented sprites in non-Tate mode. Wrong BGM played in Commando & Gun.Smoke.
Capcom Generation ~Dai 5 Shuu Kakutou ke Tachi~ (T-1236G) capgen5 r20559 Yes
Casper (T-12503G) casperj r20737 Partial Jumpy FMV, "Casper where are you?" repeated on title screen, bad gfx data on loading screen, black screen on first level FMV, needs window support on RGB555 tiles
Cat the Ripper ~13 Nin Me no Tantei Shi~ (T-35701G) catrip r20559 Yes
Chaos Control (T-7002G) chaosconj r20737 No Fire inputs doesn't work properly on gameplay.
Chaos Control Remix (T-7006G) chaoscrm r20737 Yes
Chibi Maruko-Chan no Taisen Pazurudama (T-9507G) cpuzldam r20559 No Crashes / black screen after Konami logo. Seems to work with non-DRC core.
Chisato Moritaka Watarasebashi / Lala Sunshine (GS-9172) chisatom r20737 Partial Hangs while checking the FMV.
Choice Cuts (81600) (v1.000) satccuta r20775 Partial Hangs on some FMVs (tested Bug and Virtua Racing).
Choice Cuts (81600) (v2.000) satccut
Choro Q Park (T-10314G) choroq r20594 No CPU crashes at gameplay (SH-2 DRC issue).
Choro Q Park (Satakore) T-10318G
Chou Aniki ~Kyuukyoku ... Otoko no Gyakushuu~ (T-2503G) choaniki r20737 Yes SCSP sound is too quiet on gameplay.
Choujikuu Yousei Macross ~Ai Oboete Imasu ka~ (T-23403G) cmacross r20559 Yes
Christmas Nights (610-6431) xmasnighj r20425 Partial Various gfx issues, boots randomly.
Civilization ~Shin Sekai Shichi Dai Bunmei~ (T-2003G) civ r20737 Partial Inputs too fast (SMPC bug?), hangs eventually (untested)
Cleopatra Fortune (T-1108G) cleopatr r20559 Yes
ClockWerx (T-22302G) clockwrk r20777 Yes
Clockwork Knight ~Pepperouchau no Daibouken Gekan~ (GS-9029) cknight2j r20559 Yes
Clockwork Knight ~Pepperouchau no Daibouken Joukan~ (GS-9004) cknightja r20775 Partial Hangs at 3-3 (0x48 -> 0x11 -> 0x48).
Clockwork Knight ~Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro~ (GS-9074) cknightf r20425 Yes
Code R (T-23502G) coder r20425 Partial Hangs randomly, sound CPU comms issues.
Columns Arcade Collection (GS-9161) columns r20559 Partial Sega Ages logo doesn't show up, wrong BGM played during Stack Columns & Columns 2 gameplays..
Command & Conquer (GS-9131) commconqj r20559 No Black screen on FMV, crashes after choosing new game (REGRESSION, VDP1 irq related).
Command & Conquer (Satakore) GS-9193
Cotton 2 (T-9904G) cotton2 r20559 Yes
Cotton Boomerang T-9906G cottonbm r20559 Yes
Courier Crisis T-18010G ccrisisj
Creature Shock T-1303G crshockj
Crimewave (T-7018G) crimewavj r20751 No Hangs after FMV
Criticom ~The Critical Combat~ (T-2302G) criticomj r20751 Yes
Croc ~Pau-Pau Island~ (T-26410G) crocj r20921 Partial No SCSP sound
Cross Romance ~Ai to Mahjong to Hanafuda to~ (T-7103G) crossrom r20757 No No gfxs on title screen onward.
Cross Tantei Monogatari ~Motsureta 7tsu no Labyrinth~ T-36401G crtantei r21007 Partial No text, uses special color calculation.
Crows ~The Battle Action for SegaSaturn~ (T-16806G) crows
Cube Battler ~Anna Mirai Hen~ (T-21006G) cubeanna r20559 Yes
Cube Battler ~Debugger Shouhen~ T-21004G cubeshou
Cubic Gallery (Edy & Disy) (T-19401G) cubicgal r20425 Yes
Culdcept T-31401G culdcept
Culdcept (Satakore) T-31402G culdceptsa
Cyber Doll T-22401G cyberdol r20559 Yes
Cyber Doll Fukkokuban T-22406G
CyberBots ~FullMetal Madness~ (T-1217G) cybots r20559 Yes
CyberBots ~FullMetal Madness~ Chou Genteiban T-1216G
Cyberia T-12501G cyberiaj