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Game NameZip Name SVN # / MESS v.Working?Notes
Langrisser Dramatic Edition T-2507G langdram
Langrisser III T-2502G lang3
Langrisser III (Genteiban) T-2504G lang3gen
Langrisser III (Satakore) T-2510G lang3sa
Langrisser IV T-2506G lang4
Langrisser IV (Genteiban) (T-2505G) r20413 Yes Lots of illegal track == 0 calls.
Langrisser IV (Satakore) T-2512G lang4sa
Langrisser Tribute T-2513G
Langrisser V ~The End of Legend~ T-2509G lang5
Last Bronx (GS-9152) lastbrnxj r21448 Yes ROZ is currently half size (REGRESSION)
Layer Section T-1101G layersec
Layer Section (Satakore) T-1112G layersecsa
Layer Section II T-26409G layerse2
Legend of K-1 Grand Prix '96 T-7503G lok1gp
Legend of K-1 The Best Collection T-7501G #
Lifescape 2 Bodybionics T-26411G lifesca2
Lifescape Seimei 40 Okunen Harukana Tabi T-26405G lifescap
Linda³ Kanzenban (Linda3) T-2112G linda3ka
Linkle Liver Story GS-9055 linkle
Lode Runner ~The Legend Returns~ T-25101G lodernlr
Lode Runner Extra T-25103G lodernex
Logic Puzzle Rainbow Town T-4303G logicpuz
Lovely Pop 2 in 1 Jan Jan Koi Shimasho T-5801G lovpop
Lovely Pop 2 In 1 Jan Jan Koi Shimasho (Genteiban) T-5802G
LuLu ~Un Conte Interactif de Romain Victor-Pujebet~ GS-9118 lulu
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue T-27906G lunar2
Lunar Silver Star Story (T-27901G) lunar r20438 No Intro A/V sync completely whacked, audio skips frequently. Main menu shows only BG, menu items are not visible (see pic #4) (*).
Lunar Silver Star Story MPEG Ban (T-27904G) lunarmpg r20413 No Missing MPEG support
Lupin the 3rd ~Pyramid no Kenja~ T-2004G lupinpy
Lupin the 3rd ~The Master File~ T-8801G lupinmst
Lupin the 3rd Chronicles (Lupin + Fujiko Version) T-18805G lupincr
Lupin the 3rd Chronicles (Lupin + Jigen + Goemon Version) T-18806G lupincra
Lupin the 3rd Chronicles (Lupin Version) T-18804G #