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DISCLAIMER: some of the items below may require years before being looked at… don’t hold your breath!

short term items

  • Add more Dip Locations to MAME drivers
  • Complete the MESS User Manual and upload it on MESS Wiki
  • Improve sysinfo.dat for MESS:
    1. add missing systems
    2. update old entries for RAM sizes, BIOS and devices
    3. add more keyboard layouts
    4. add Configs / DIPs / Categories with explaination (v3.0)
    5. add instructions to load images to each device of each system (v4.0)
    6. add more usage instructions to each system (v5.0)
  • Add support for natural keyboard emulation to MESS drivers which do not have it (ongoing)
  • Add Kyotronic 85 (and clones) to MESS
  • Convince Atari 800XL to correctly boot in MESS (and support for other XL/XE systems) (ongoing)
  • Understand why LEDs do not work anymore in Mephisto Glasgow and modify the chessboard code to be something more than a hacky feature (not really in the spirit of MESS 😉 ) (ongoing)
  • Fix remaining C16 tape issues in MESS
  • Add cassettes to PET drivers in MESS (not even VICE emulates two tapes for these systems 😛 )

long term items

  • Improve Kyotronic 85 (and clones) emulation in MESS(Thanks Curt)
  • Add proper floppy drive support to C64 in MESS and optimize the code so that it can work on nowadays PC
  • Add support for C64 cart types not currently supported in MESS
  • Better understand Atari Lynx video emulation and fix current issues (not easy, since I’m not expert in the way video emulation is handled by MAME/MESS)
  • Fix current MegaDrive SRAM issues in MESS
  • Add support in MESS for more SNES special chips (to at least match other emulators)
  • Add support in MESS for more NES mappers
  • Study if it’s possible move abstract floppy handling to the core (like cassette handling)
  • Merge CPS Changer drivers in MESS and create the xml cart layout to emulate correctly this
  • Add Neo Geo AES to MESS by using xml cart layout
  • Add more skeleton drivers to MESS for dumped machines(ongoing)

May 8th, 2009

Written by etabeta

April 17th, 2009 at 8:54 am

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