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I’ve spent most of the past week to go on with the NES clean up: more boards have been added, a lot of code has been simplified (especially for MMC3 clone boards) and a dozen or two of games became playable as a result. This time I haven’t taken snaps, so I have almost nothing to show about this. However, try your randomly-chosen pirate game in MESS and there are good chances it will work 🙂

Moreover, I have at last included in MESS svn the software list for NES. It only supports ‘proper’ dumps with separate PRG and CHR files like the real content of a NES cart (call it the MAME-approach-to-NES-dumps, if you like). As a result, current NES collections cannot be directly used to build your set, but you can red here how to workaround this problem.
In any case, the emulation quality for the games in the “new” format is exactly the same as the emulation quality for the iNES/UNIF files, so that you can test the MESS progresses even if you don’t want to download any new file

Finally, k1w1 has been so kind to prepare a XEGS software list for carts of the Atari XE Game System and (to work on something different from NES) I finally found the time to hook the list in the driver, and general cart loading as well. The following snaps show the current state of the emulation:

air01 air02

dc1 dc2

k1 k2

mb1 mb2

c1 c2

Written by etabeta

July 4th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

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