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OK, I had left you with the announcement of MESS supporting the lock-on cartridge for Sonic & Knuckles, but in the past weeks I have worked hard to propagate the nice features of slot expansions to other systems in MESS and I have to say that the results are definitely nice… actually so nice that a single blog post is not enough for all the changes that have been done (and the snaps necessary to show them all!), and I preferred to split them across a series of entries!

If you are a regular follower at the MESS board at, you probably have already heard about most of these (except the NES ones… those should be a nice surprise for you too 🙂 ), but I think that it might be good for everyone to finally see in action all those svn logs entries about “slot devices”

  • The Sega side of the progresses, namely MegaDrive and Saturn
  • The Game Boy side of the progresses
  • The SNES side of the progresses
  • The NES side of the progresses

There is still so much to do for these systems (more SNES addons to emulate, more sound chips in NES carts to implement, more protected GB pirate games to support, etc.) that you can expect to see slot devices mentioned in messnew and svn log still for long time, but I’m confident nobody would deny that this is a great starting point for future progresses!

Written by etabeta

April 21st, 2013 at 1:44 pm

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