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More on slots, the Sega side

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MegaDrive support has been improved some more, so that in addition to all the protected pirate carts which were supported by HazeMD, it also supports the recently dumped Super Mario World 64

smw64_1 smw64_2

and a few RPGs that not many other emus allow to play (credits go to Eke too, for the kind support in sorting out a few bankswitch corner cases)

Beggar Prince
beggar_0 beggar_1
beggar_3 beggar_4

Legend of Wukong
wukong_0 wukong_1
wukong_2 wukong_3

And, quite important from an user-friendlyness point of view, you can now use the main genesis/megadriv/megadrij emulation to run Virtua Racing
vru_0 vru_1
vru_2 vru_3
instead of using some clone systems (gensvp and c.) which many users did not even know that existed. Now you just load the game and it plays fine (by internally adding the required co-processor)

Also the slot code allowed to fix some bugs in our previous code, fixing some games which had been broken or heavily glitched in MESS for years like World Series Baseball games
wsb96_old wsb96
WSB before (left) and after (right) the fixes!

As per Kale’s request, I also slot-ified the Saturn carts, allowing for cleaner support of Backup RAM carts. Hence, you can now format your saturn ‘memory card’ and load/save stuff there, e.g. in Castlevania Symphony of the Night


Also, you can copy data between the internal backup memory and the external one, like in a real saturn

1. select the external memory

2. select the data to copy

3. it’s written to the internal memory!

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April 21st, 2013 at 1:43 pm

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