Archive for November, 2003

Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Started a driver for Cyber Tank (Coreland 1988):


I donít think it will be finished soon either as this hardware looks hard as hell,it uses 2 M68000 as main cpus,1 z80 as sound,2 y8950 and a *shitload* of roms,fifty to be exact!

Another driver started is Alien Command (Jaleco 1993)


Itís a modified NMK16 board,current emulation got stuck due to some problems with the motor interface.

Further improvements to the MJ-8956 driver(a.k.a. known as jalmah.c)

Mahjong Channel Zoom In (Jaleco 1990)


Mahjong Kakumei (Jaleco 1990) / Mahjong Kakumei 2 (Jaleco 1992)


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