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Washizu Mahjong

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Charles MacDonald extracted the internal ROM on the Eagle 909 HW games (Janshi, Ron Jan and Pinkiri 8). Me and Haze recently did some efforts to emulate this HW, that is a Z180 with a fancy video emulation (that isn’t yet fully working).

Janshi and Ron Jan have an original thought of the mahjong game, on which you can see what type of tile is with different tilesets for the back.


Pinkiri 8

A Queen at the River

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Charles MacDonald recently did some nice researches to the not too much hatred Night Gal HW. I’ve taken a look to these docs and, after that I’ve figured out that there was an undocumented protection / open bus thing (!) I’ve got Royal Queen to work without the major graphic artifacts, unlike all the other games in the HW.

I just need to figure out why inputs doesn’t work, I guess that it should be something simple & different. Then I’ll move on to the other games on this HW …

EDIT1: fixed inputs, just a stupid mistake from my part. ^^U

EDIT2: Figured out that Night Gal, Royal Night and Night Bunny doesn’t have any real difference with Royal Queen, they now works them all:


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