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I love your sexy talk, it’s so kindergarten, “Poo poo”, “Wee wee”.

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Team Europe and the Dumping Union proudly presents … Uncle Poo, an obscure 1983 game from the even more obscure Diatec, possibly a bootleg/hack of something else obscure that we don’t know jack about it either. Me and Haze worked on the driver for this, it currently works apart from sound and a bunch of minor bits. I also don’t know why the title screen colors looks so awkward, but I don’t see anything weird from the ROM-to-videoram transfer so I don’t know if it’s the correct behaviour or not…

As you can see, game is a maze game with scrolling (from left to right), on which you have to collect money/diamonds in order to advance to the next level. Your main attack is a … er, a fart (yeah, not joking here, check last snap), it’s used for breaking objects and kill enemies. There is also another button, the character puts blades on his feet and moves faster, but it costs a lot of  “power points” (also used by the farting).

I think it’s not a bad game per-se, it’s at least original in game design (for a 1983 game, obviously). If it rings a bell to anybody about what it could truly be let us know, thanks.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Improved tilemap paging in the Super A’Can driver, this improves gfxs for the newly dumped Monopoly: Adventure in Africa.

Question of the day is: What kind of crack the game designers smoked for putting H in a videogame as a selectable character?

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