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More Inside Joke than Three T.T.

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Iq_132 of FBA fame pointed me that the right colors in Uncle Poo title screen can be found at color offsets 0x08-0x0f … after some further investigations I’ve found that there’s a 2-bit pal banking tied to the 0xb700 port. So, the tilemap has 8 independent color offset + two pal banks that allow it to select the whole 0x20 color offsets.

Speaking of pal banks, I’ve found it in Three Dealers Casino House, that gives a slight improvement for the 2$ dealer girl / 5$ dealer man color skin:



Last but not least, fixed for good trasparency issues in this game, after some exaustive dasm tracking that only indicated that the HW can do trasparency in any case if the pen has a value of 0:

Me, you and a whole bunch of Dolls

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Currently looking (again) at the Multi Amenity Cassette System, a Japanese Arcade System developed by I’Max in 1995. First off, I’ve removed the existing hacks in the driver and implemented BIOS support and basic BIOS/cart ROM bankswitch.

First effect of this is improved logic in Kisekae Mahjong, that boots, runs some attract mode and it’s playable until it resets in the middle of the gameplay (still investigating on it):

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