X Me Die

I’m recently working on the Legionnaire / Raiden 2 protection HW. If you didn’t lived on Mars until now, you should already know that is one if not THE most insane protection device ever created by an human being.

I’ve did many fixes so far (sound and working status for Denjin Makai, colour fixes for Legionnaire and many other things) … and then, today I’ve stumbled across X Se Dae Quiz

X Se Dae Quiz … an obscure Korean quiz game … honestly this one is pretty forgettable as a game (to not say laughable), but it actually represents a MAME milestone since it’s the first real Raiden 2 HW working game. It currently have a sprite protection issue with the sprite map (similar to the other games), colour issues in some screens, and sprite ROMs are badly dumped (half size, hence the blobs of nothing), but it seems otherwise pretty much playable (provided that you know Korean)

Me, OG, Haze, Dox and the MAME team proudly (?) presents … X Se Dae Quiz

EDIT: Guru redumped the sprite roms, so updated the pics with the correct dump.

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