Te lo dò io il Brasile

Cracked a protection check in the Sega ST-V game Tecmo World Cup ’98. After that it uploads the Tecmo logo the SH-2 code tries to read 8 dword RAMs from where the Tecmo logo buffer stands, if fails the game logic gets busted thanks to some clever writing to the file where the maths table stands.

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I’ve also fixed SMPC intback commands in ST-V version by using the same logic as the one seen in Sega Saturn (former was a kludgy hack before). This fixes Zenkoku Seifuku Bishoujo Grand Prix Find Love inputs and makes it working:

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  1. mameMess Says:

    Perchè! Perchè non vuoi più contribuire!!! nooooooooo!!! mi si spezza il cuore!!!! Fai un lavoro fantastico, non lasciarciiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

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