Burrito Uan

Did some work with Hyper Neo Geo 64, tried to understand some stuff (namely z80 network cpu and 3d pipeline) and read a bit of MIPS code for Buriki One. Got a cheap work-around for the coin insertion so got it to go into gameplay:





EDIT: Played with debugger, entered into service mode and hooked up inputs in Roads Edge. Camera seems very jumpy, I wonder if we have a CPU core bug here …



3 Responses to “Burrito Uan”

  1. moulfruit Says:

    great work thank you fr this great news

  2. moulfruit Says:

    i love etreme rally/beat of…..

  3. jonathanhooper19 Says:

    yes nice work kale 😀 brilliant would love to see the snk hyper series playable 😀

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