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And now,as a bonus beaucount…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Dox recently dumped a PCB version of Treasure Island (running on the Burger Time HW),it boots fine but there are encryption issues so it isn’t working…

Then I’ve looked at a Pro Tennis romset,which runs too on the Burger Time HW (rom-swap of Disco No. 1).It’s a pity it’s not an original PCB but a bootleg that is really likely to be a lot similar to the original one:

While I was looking at these,another Data East romset got my attention: a fortune teller machine with a LED array as a display named Destiny Horoscope.

Destiny Horoscope mng

(Notes: video emulation is probably full (!) and I don’t know if it will be added to MAME,we’ll see…)

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