I came to bring the pain

Looking at Double Wings protection,first of all to fix the protection jump vectors in it.Protection works in a easier way than expected,to say in the simplest words I can use it’s a “fan type jump vectors” (i.e. only a few possible results are expected).


4 Responses to “I came to bring the pain”

  1. best wish Says:

    good job!welcom back to my mame master list!

  2. johnsmith Says:

    Kale,thank you for your hard Mame work,the sound of double wings if has been fixed,and another irem game fire barrel(m107) if has been fixed the graphics/sound

  3. Kale Says:

    This game is still under development.
    For Fire Barrel,I need to investigate it further,but it can be fixed.

  4. fritz Says:

    <3 this work! keep it up plz!

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