The Chain Reaction

Made Filetto working by adding the proper device emulation:

Yesterday I’ve started to look at Balloon & Balloon (Eolith),it still doesn’t work due of Flash ROM emulation:

Notice that this is just a break from the ST-V driver,it is still that my first priority.

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6 Responses to “The Chain Reaction”

  1. johnsmith Says:

    nice work,Kale,recently I have found that the nmk16.c driver Task Force Harrier has a bug that the dip switch not working and some games sound still not accruate,do you interested in fix it?

  2. Kale Says:

    It’s already in my TODO list to look at the nmk16 (at least for Hacha Mecha Fighter and Thunder Dragon).

  3. Maxis Says:

    There was another old PC-based game mentioned on the Guru’s page, Street Games II – in case of Filetto’s progress can help it somehow.

  4. Kale Says:

    There are a lot of PC games that are converted to the Arcades,first examples that comes to mind are Solitaire Challenge/Tournament Solitaire from Dynamo LTD (the first runs on Intel 386 CPU) and the other Novarmatic games (for example Pango,which is running on a 486 CPU,but there are probably more).

  5. johnsmith Says:

    Kale,the stv driver if has more progress,so far?

  6. Kale Says:

    I’m working at the IRQs on it…I’m about to submit it soonish,but it’s likely that some more work is needed (ST-V is pretty nasty about irqs…)

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