Games ripping through the street

Starting to work at other PC-based games.Here goes a preliminary screen for Street Games II,a multi-game with touchscreen as inputs. (and yes,the screen is really BLUE,weird for a PC POST screen)


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  1. crazy2001 Says:

    Have you ever talked to guru? i gave him about 4-5 harddrive-images and many information from photoplay-machines. which are also PC-based!!

    if you have any questions contact me at

  2. Kale Says:

    Well,no,I haven’t talked to Guru,but it’s likely that this dump doesn’t come from his available board (there are missing roms,the VGA bios and the charset for example). Anyway,this is a 286,and my plan is to check things from the pcxt to the higher pcat then finally the pentiums etc. One real problem that slows down the emulation of these is that dumpers didn’t care about dumping motherboard,video & Disk BIOSes,most of these dumps are largely incomplete. Some examples:
    *Tournament Solitaire that is “floating around the net”,it’s missing EVERYTHING except the game program.
    *Pango Fun is missing a prg rom and the VGA/Disk BIOSes.
    *The CrystalTek 39in1 is missing all the BIOSes too,current emulation has generic BIOSes.
    *California Chase has everything but it’s too powerful for current CPU core (Pentium MX & Windows 98 OS).Current CPU core state can’t emulate anything over a Windows 3.1.
    *“Queen” again doesn’t have the VGA BIOS,and it’s a Pentium III/Celeron CPU at 533 Mhz,get lost for now 😛
    I know that PC-based HWs can have generic BIOSes hooked up (i.e. usually these things can run on DOSbox),but there’s a matter of fact: usually if not always these BIOSes are modified or custom.

    (And anyway,please be careful in posting e-mails,spammers are always on sight.)

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