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Last week Olivier Galibert and Wilbert Pol did some efforts in identifying the CPUs in Pachi Fever and Hit Poker. While the former uses a TMS9900 but we didn’t made any noticeable progress (HW looks awkward or there are CPU bugs, take your pick), the latter one uses a MC68HC11 (that’s used on the Taito-JC HW, some other MESS-related systems and in Deroon Dero Dero / Angel Eyes as MCU). The HC11 CPU core was in pretty bad shape (the Taito-JC really makes small use of it), so after something like 100 implemented opcodes, a bunch of bug fixes and some really basic irq system, here’s the results:




*EDIT*: Fixed 4bpp / 8bpp switches, fixes mostly the cards display:


Now it needs EEPROM emulation (that’s non-standard) and inputs to get it working…

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