Heuristical Division

For fun I’m currently looking at some long standing Super Nes video plagues in MESS:

Fixed a flag bug with blending effects:

Micro Machines

Added basic support for horizontal mosaic effects for all games in the driver:

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts mosaic

Fixed a 16×16 tile switch bug in 2bpp mode:

Super Adventure Island title screen

Super Adventure Island gameplay

Bishoujo Janshi Suu chi Pai startup screen

Plok gameplay

EDIT1 (3-ago-2009):

Fixed Super Kick Boxing sound and booting, caused by an undefined register read (graphics are still quite off, HDMA?):


Shien The Blade Chaser / Shien’s Revenge instead tests a register that in theory must be 0xff (the NMITIEN), still investigating…

0016 0015

EDIT2: (4-ago-2009): Fixed mode 5/6 tilemap drawings cutted in half bug, there are still issues caused by something else…



(will update the post as long that I’ll get & fix new ideas)

3 Responses to “Heuristical Division”

  1. rcoltrane Says:

    Hi Kale,

    Nice work! Could you take a look at the ‘Super Kick Boxing’ graphic glitches aswell? I love that game and it locks up when I try to start a fight.


  2. Kale Says:

    Ah, the good ol’ Andre Panza…looks screwed up like no other game…guess that I need to investigate on it…

  3. etabeta Says:

    if you get bored, there would also be Umihara Kawase which suffers horrible glitches and is a veeeery nice game!

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