Wanderer’s Fair Fortune

Finally fixed the PCG beam position hooks in Sharp X1 HW. There was a bug with vblank / vsync bits so beam positions wasn’t making any sense. Fixing that makes the thing to finally upload character data properly without any hacks.

Also, fixed Kanji ROM read thru ports 0x1400 – 0x14ff, makes Asteka 2 to finally show correct gfxs too:

And ANK ROM reading too, used to draw romaji text in Maison Ikkoku – Kanketsuhen:

EDIT: Fixed a silly bug with PCG index loading, fixes regression with Exoa 2 – Warroid and X1C Demo:

EDIT2 (24 March 2011): Fixed a z80dma that caused erratic port increments, fixes gfxs in Legend of Kage and Gandhara:

EDIT3 (25 March 2011): Fixed bank i/o bit behaviour and a bug with kanji vram and height. This bug-fix allows Lupin the 3rd, Take the A-Train and Makai to boot and fixes gfxs in Makai and Luna City.

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