Haze and I are currently writing a driver for Jangou,a 1983 mahjong game from Nichibutsu.
HW uses a blitter for graphics data,so it’s surely more painful to emulate unlike the usual HW.

Game is currently working with sound,thanks to Phil Bennett too.

*edit* added Jangou Lady to the Jangou driver,working with sound too:

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2 Responses to “Cha-no-Ryu”

  1. Bjoern Says:

    Hi Kale,
    at citylan since along time another dumped, but not emulated Nichibutsu game called “Three Ds: Three Dealer Casino House”. Will be cool if this could be added, so didn’t get forgeting and lost.
    …and thanks for your fantastic work!

  2. Kale Says:

    Yes,I’m aware of that game,in theory it runs on “Pastel Gal” HW,but I haven’t checked it much atm…currently we (me and Haze) are writing a driver for the Nichibutsu HW that stands in-between Jangou and Pastel Gal HWs (they are 6 games in total,”Night Gal Summer” is the name of one of them),it uses a z80 and a mcu,and believe me,comms appears to be insanely hard,it’s a luck that the mcu isn’t read-protected…after that I’ll take a look at 3 Dealer Casino House…

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