Money Folder

Me, Haze and Phil Bennett just wrote another driver for a 1983 Sanritsu game named 4nin-uchi Mahjong Jantotsu. It uses 4 256×224 1bpp bitmaps all banked on the same ram area. Combined,they do the following:


2 Responses to “Money Folder”

  1. jhonsmith Says:

    well,Kale,nice game,for your Mame to do list,do you plan finishing some mame work during Christmas day?

  2. Kale Says:

    The to do list is to be taken lightly…if I fix a thing,other four comes to mind that needs to be fixed…there are lots of stuff that I haven’t yet added in there but I would like to do,I’ll update the list at some point…plus select the fix to do is a matter of “what I would like to fix today?” rather than “ok,today I’ll fix this,then tomorrow that etc.”

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