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November 8, 2013 Haze Categories: General News. Comments Off on About UME 0.150×3 and UME 0.151

As you may have noticed this site has been down for a few days due to technical issues.

During this time somebody issued ‘UME 0.150×3’ and ‘UME 0.151’ builds. These are not official builds and are not built from unmodified official sources (the 0.151 build especially contains dangerous hacks to remove the nag screens and add hiscore.dat support which have a tendency to destabilize builds) I would have made this clear sooner, except I didn’t have a site to post on.

What this does show however is that if I don’t offer official UME builds then people are just going to build unofficial ones, and with those you really don’t know what you’re getting.

As expected Mamedev have decided to ignore / bury the code licensing issue, and the foolhardy arrogance being demonstrated on a number of Mameworld threads shows that they’re clearly never really going to care about it. I guess I could continue to offer new official binaries with a disclaimer telling people to contact both Mamedev and myself if they feel any code has been incorrectly relicensed by the ongoing process, at which point I’ll immediately remove any binaries etc. containing the offending code (although I can’t speak for Mamedev, draw your own conclusions there). Obviously I can’t offer older builds at all due to the Yamaha copyright issue, that isn’t up for debate. This does make the situation with code of mine that has been incorrectly relicensed tricky, but this whole issue was never really about my code anyway, I’m simply willing to do what is ‘best’ for the project and least disruptive to users going forward.

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