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Bit Corporation / UMC – Gamate (Mobile / Handheld)
I was in two minds about including this one, because at present there are (to my knowledge) no dumps available. The system is a ‘gameboy clone’ although quite how compatible the hardware is I can’t say right now. This article wasn’t meant as a list of undumped systems, because in such cases theres nothing a dev who is a programmer dealing with the software side things can do if a board simply can’t be acquired and there are no dumps. To my knowledge it isn’t too difficult to get your hands on a Gamate, but thus far nobody has figured out how to dump them, and sometimes figuring things like that out, for the benefit of other people, is something the more hardware-minded members of the development team do.

Terrible name aside it seems to be an almost forgotten system, which is a shame because it had unique titles, and represents the output / creation of a more obscure part of the industry (the Non Japanese / Korean Asian market) I’d certainly like to see some progress made on it, but right now there is nothing I can do to aid that.

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(The Gamate is a potentially interesting emulation target, if only somebody could figure out how to dump the cartridges and bios if it has one)

Sandisk – Sansa Fuze (2) (Mobile / Handheld)
You might say this is an odd one to include. The Fuze is/was an MP3 / media player device by Sandisk, emulation of it would serve little practical purpose. I guess I’m listing it for sentimental value as much as anything else, I liked these players so much I bought 2 of them at the time. They had everything I needed, good size internal capacity, MicroSDHC memory card socket to expand the capacity further with seamless integration of the two, a decent basic firmware but most importantly the ability to install Rockbox for many more advanced features and gapless playback across any format you could imagine. They also worked as basic storage devices, you didn’t have to go through any kind of iTunes garbage to get your songs on and off, they simply appeared as 2 drives. The battery life was also great even after 5+ years of use, the screen was also excellent, and the dial control absolutely perfect and most importantly I could have no complaints about the sound quality. Sadly one died about a year back when it was dropped on the floor and stepped on, and the other I lost a few weeks back on a night out. Actually shopping around for replacements has been a pain, everything on the market right now seems to fail one of my ‘essential’ checkboxes, I wish they still made these things just with a bigger internal capacity and Rockbox by default, I know I’d buy one!

That’s an aside anyway, it would probably also run like crap in MESS because I believe it actually has a very fast ARM processor (embedded in a SoC solution) in there, but still, would be kinda cool to see it running both the original firmware and Rockbox in MESS, there were ports of Doom and even a Pacman emulator running under Rockbox. I guess emulating it would serve to show that MESS is interested in things outside of the traditional home systems and handhelds too, which is always a good message to get across.

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(Emulating the Sansa Fuze would show how diverse a project like MESS can be)

Data East – Genesis based hardware – High Seas Havoc (Arcade)
High Seas Havoc is fairly well known as a Genesis game, featuring attractive well animated graphics and decent sound but failing slightly on the gameplay front by being if anything a bit over-generic. The arcade version should be almost the same game and vast parts of the game data are identical, however there is additional protection over the Genesis version in the form of a switchable encryption method. The encryption is not complete, and the game is none functional. Interestingly the PCB ID is DE-0407-2 which might suggest there is another Genesis based board out there, if I was to place a bet I’d say Rumble Kids due to some similarities in the presentation of the Genesis version, but I have no evidence to support that. The encryption probably isn’t difficult, just annoying (various bitswaps) but it remains to see if there is any further protection once those are fully figured out. This one is a realistic target, I’m a little surprised nobody has spent more time with it because 99% of the emulation is already done.

High Seas Havoc PCB
High Seas Havoc High Seas Havoc
(High Seas Havoc, original hardware shots from Mame Italia dumping group)

Seibu – Cross Shooter / Air Raid (Arcade)
This is another where unfortunately the software-only developers can do little to help at this point. The problem is the graphic data is all stored in custom modules instead of regular ROMs, these modules drive both the background and sprite circuits and at present nobody has been able to figure a way to dump out the content. Another previously unknown game with the same type of modules also showed up around a year ago, but I believe sold for an insane sum of money. There are videos of the entire game on YouTube, it’s a basic (if not quirky) game compared to Seibu’s more famous efforts but would be good to see it done because it remains a part of Seibu history.

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(One of many Air Raid videos uploaded to YouTube by RetroRealityGaming)

Seibu / Taito – Panic Road (Arcade)

This video pinball themed game shouldn’t be difficult to emulate, everything we need is right there in front of us, there are no MCUs, no custom protection, no ROM data hidden away in custom packages, no technical hurdles at all. The problem is the game utilizes a way of reading back collision data and that method is not understood properly. It appears the data should come from some bits in the background tilemap data (which we already rearrange in order to show the tilemaps) but exactly which bits, and the layout of the mirror from which they’re read simply isn’t understood resulting in the ball movements being wrong, and leaving the game unplayable. I doubt this is the most difficult target here!

Panic Road
(Panic Road flyer, because there don’t seem to be any real HW videos or screens out there)

To be Continued on next page..


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don’t want to upset LM, but what skills are required for Votrax SC-01 emulation?

NBA Jam Extreme has never worked, from The Impact / Zinc time to now. Though I see it’s in Phil Bennett todo list, so maybe in the future..

Just love these write ups. Can not say i totally understand everything you describe, but the dedication you ( devs) all show is amazing.

I have a spare Casio Loopy and I’m in the UK, I did sent one to the guru w/ carts, which is where the internal printer ROM and cart dumps are from. Hit me up and its yours.


I’m hungover and typo’d my email address too.

I have a spare Casio Loopy, I’m in the UK too, looks like the previous comment makes no sense as it was deleted for containing the R-O-M word.

Hit me up and it’s yours.

what carts do you have, are you in a position to reprogram them? can you do a ‘double size rom + upper pin bankswitch’ mod if needed (bios might checksum the carts in an unknown way)

I think the best entry point would be to hack something like the speech bubble graphics and capture a couple of hundred pages (or a video, and split it up) that way we’re modding something we know gets displayed at least, even if it sounds horrible inefficient ;)

Two copies of Anime Land (XK-401) and one of Wanwan Aijou Monogatari (XK-501). These are the duplicates, the rest I had sent to the guru with a loopy console, which is where we got the current dumps from. He still has those dumped carts and a loopy as I didn’t need them back.

I do have a programmer but no adapters for any flash chips, I’m also not confident in my soldering skills in modding it.

If you are willing, you can have this junk and hack away at it, I only collect this crap for dumping.

Wanwan Aijou Monogatari does have speech bubbles so that may just work.

Well there was one specific game I had in mind, although I can’t remember which one it was now (will have to run through them again)

I have no electronics skills at all, so would be able to do even less with the hardware than you. I wonder why Guru didn’t reply about the loopy when I asked directly on the list a few months back then, I practically shelved all work I was planning on it at that point because it seemed nobody had one.

He was pretty annoyed at me for creating the undumped wiki, so he may have thrown it in the trash.

He still has a Pippin US export board I sent to him for dumping, he did dump the Japanese one I sent him, also sent him a banged up Bandai Playdia (turned out to have 2 8-bit CPUs, horrible console with its own VCD format)

All these were donated to him so I never needed them back, so there is no bad blood on my part as they were his to throw away if he wanted, although they could just be in storage and forgotten about, he does have a lot of stuff.

A bit off-topic but i found this set of Snow Bros bootleg roms, which have the copyrights still intact. Funny story, i had a ‘Sakowa Project Korea’ version for some time, and tried to add copyrights back myself, when i scored the second board (with copyrights & logo) as ‘broken’ on Ebay recently. (my attempts to add the logo back myself had failed miserably..) Download is at dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6773475/repairs/snowbros/wintbob-toaplan.zip

sure this isn’t just the old set from MAME?

we used to support a Winter Bobble with such a copyright, but it was also a bad dump (bitrot causing the game to crash on certain levels) so it was replaced with the newer dump we support now (which lacks said copyright, but is otherwise good)

It’s GAELCO, not Galeco. ;)

indeed, had Jaleco in mind when I wrote that

WHAT? The Hyper NeoGeo 64 expects the RAM tests to FAIL?? I… I have no comment. I’ll just leave it at that.

Not in a visible way (ie there are no message to tell you it fails on said test) but it becomes obvious if you’re following the code / accesses made.

I guess it’s possible some early dev boards had twice as much RAM I don’t know why else they’d be testing RAM there, but it really does screw up some data transfers if you put ram there (or even treat it as a mirror)

TBH the memory tests on something like MegaSystem 32 are worse, the actual RAM tests on those tell you almost nothing because I don’t think there is a single game that actually checks the correct regions, most of the tests overrun into other areas, rely on mirrors, or only test a fraction of the actual RAM.

Memory fail interesting hardware protection. Weak sauce but still effective. Think about it, if you have a cart people can copy easily. But maybe the 32k chips are slightly more expensive than the 64k chips (happens from time to time). So the ‘pirate’ would buy the 64k chips and just drop the 32k worth of code onto it… For software it is easy for you to just make it fail. But you have to know what size chips there were to make it act correctly. Then if they throw mirrors in there it could look like bigger than it is. To understand it you probably would need to know the spot prices on the chips at the time.

Dear Haze,there are still many unemulated Mame driver not list the article…

Correct, this isn’t meant to be a list of ALL things unemulated, it’s a list of ones I find interesting with a bit of background information where possible.

I would really love for there to be some effort put into Gamate emulation. Most of the 1990-1992 Bit Corporation titles leave much to be desired, but the later 1993-1995 games from the UMC era are often quite enjoyable and deserve to be both preserved & played.

Yeah, it would be nice, it shows an evolution, how the industry matured, and became competitive. It’s a shame there is no way to dump them yet. I’ve not even seen photographs of what is inside them (is it blob chips like many of the pirate genesis games?)

I’ve split this up into multiple pages, the embedded YouTube things don’t half lag Firefox when loading the page otherwise!

There are internal shots of the Gamate’s board revisions and one of the card here: http://fuji.drillspirits.net/gamate/hardware/

Looks a lot like hu-cards.

That page is great but is missing a shot of the LCD board under the main PCB, that can be found here: http://www.museo8bits.com/wiki/images/c/c0/Gamate_DSC01104.jpg

so yeah blob logic in the carts.. somebody will have to trace the lines to the CPU I guess..

I’m pretty sure my fellow digital coprolite collector ranger_lennier has a few gamate cards.

Even the Gamate Soft Cards appear to have been made by at least 2 different manufacturers:


are you sure they’re standard? they’d only need to have swapped a few bits around and you could send the whole thing up in smoke ;-)

they do LOOK the same, I’ll give you that (the article incog linked even mentioned this) so it would be one avenue to explore. I don’t know if soft cards for any of the other systems have been dumped mind you. I wasn’t familiar with them for all these systems until you posted about them.

I have a few carts too, but they are stored pretty far away, at my parents place

Sega used Soft Cards too, on the SG-1000 and the Master System:



I’ve been told before that the Master Systems Soft Cards are dumped, the MESS driver however just has a single cart slot and is missing the Soft Card slot.


to my knowledge, data is stored in the same way in the card and in the cart, so apart from being anal with the media definition, current emulation in MESS handles data in an accurate way

Hi Master Haze! I think that you have forgotten to include Konami M2 miss developments.
Unfortunately from several years.

Yeah M2 would be an interesting one, and I believe there are videos I can use too, I’ll probably add that to the pages in the next few days (I’m still deciding on if to include a few other things)

(basically I’ll be doing small updates to this throughout the month)

Raiden II not on the list? Bawwww :P

Reading through this and I kind of regret getting rid of this one piece of cheap tech: a green mobile phone-looking device that had Snake and a few other games on it, with real basic music. No idea what it was, probably a cheap Chinese thing, but one of the devices you listed reminded me of it.

Taito G-net driver music should marked the article…

I wish you the greatest of success, much more so with the NeoGeo games.

My greatest wish would be to see Cool Riders 100% finished!

About F1 Super Blast – did you mean “F1 Super Battle”? I got some stuff from TAFA:


That has the most clear screenshot of F1 Super Battle. (P.S. Am I the only guy finding the crash part “too soon?” It has Senna’s helmet and we know he died in a crash in Imola 1994)

Yes, I did mean Super Battle, I keep calling it Blast for some reason, maybe that’s just because my thoughts when looking at it usually end with ‘Blast, that makes no sense’

There are a number of ‘missing’ Jaleco games from that era too, Super Strong Warriors is mentioned often, but we’ve never seen a trace of it beyond screenshots / flyers.

The way things stand… what if F1SB was a mere prototype that failed location test[s]? [/conspiracy]

honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of things we’ve emulated were, ie they made enough for some location tests, but they didn’t do well enough to make any more, but weren’t recalled (because they were of no real value when offset against the recall costs)

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