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July 7, 2011 Haze Categories: General News. 26 Comments on I said: “We went to the moon and now we’re watching these buffoons?”

MAME has emulated a Korean bootleg of Sega’s Fantasy Zone 2 remake for a while now. Given the title of ‘FZ2006 II’ and released as part of a Korean multi-game bootleg by ‘ISG’ it appears to make use of the data files from the Sega Ages Fantazy Zone collection, released for the PS2 in 2008, with various hacks applied (different memory maps + their own protection and such)

Anyway, this bugged me a bit, so I’ve come up with a tiny build of MAME which can run the same game but using the original data files from the PS2 disc, to use this you must simply get your PS2 disc, copy the ‘BIN.PAK’ file from it, and place it in a zip called fantzn2x.zip and run the custom version of MAME linked below using that. I’ve done the same for Bloxeed, because it looks like their bootleg of that was also sourced from one of the PS2 versions.

These obviously aren’t going to make their way into the official version of MAME in this form, but it’s less annoying than having to use a bootleg with hacked title screen and copyrights etc.

Original Sega Version – left ||| FZ 2006 bootleg supported in MAME – right

Fantasy Zone 2 (System 16C) original version FZ2006 bootleg

Fantasy Zone 2 (System 16C) original version FZ2006 bootleg

Quite why the bootleggers called it FZ2006 and used a 2006 copyright when it appears to be based off a 2008 PS2 release I don’t know, but Sega were no better really, stamping a 1987 copyright display in the attract mode.

This is based on the latest MAME sources (0.143+), but with most stuff stripped out. Download Here

Article title associated YouTube Video (The Eisenhowers – 1969, nothing to do with the actual update, I just happen to like it)

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Hey, thanks for doing this. Do you know if this bootleg is still available for purchase?
I’m also curious, why would the rom not be allowed in MAME? It’s the original for the bootleg afterall. I’m guessing because it’s not dumped from actual arcade hardware?

The contact at the time had seen a couple of them for sale, but they’re apparently rather rare. It’s kinda an awkward multi-game in that it doesn’t allow the user to select the game, and only had a very limited number of titles and a very slow startup time because they’ve used some kind of wacky software compression on the data. It was almost certainly shunned in favor of the more popular ARM based multi-game boards with user selection (multicade, blue-elf, happy fish and the multi-cps2 boards etc.) IMHO you’d be lucky to find one these days.

Quite a few similar things have shown up in the past, even bootleggers like to trial the market it seems (most recently he was talking about having seen Tumble Pop bootlegs hacked to use title screens / names of popular XBox 360 and PS3 titles with backgrounds being stills ripped from said games) For the most part it’s multi-Naomi loader bootlegs doing the rounds at the moment tho (as well as the hacked Type-X games on standard PC hw)

By ‘Won’t be supported in MAME’ I mean it won’t be supported in MAME using the PS2 .pak files. The extracted data has been used on other standard System 16b boards (with appropriate RAM mod applied) and sold before, so that might end up in there one day in that form.

I made this use the .pak files so that owners of the PS2 disc can quickly and easily run it without having to manually extract things, it will however dump out the extracted files to the current directory when run anyway tho. (I even left the option to dump out everything in the .pak file, so you get all the artwork BMPs too)

On my country “Portugal” i found Pinball Action Bootleg version. He is the same but in the intro changes the date to 2010 and the name and i think is portuguese, now i don´t if some one change that with a Hex File Editor.

Awesome Emulation stuff as usual :)

As for the moon thingy, did you know 3 people and there suits cant fit into the lander ???

Also the door to get out of the lander is too small to allow the astronaut with suit and backpack on. Also how did they stay out for so long with that amount of oxygen?

How does the film not explose with all that radiation ?

Three Words – Van Allen Belt ? We cant get thought it. Hence why the shuttle only goes around the earth and not away from it !!!!!!!!!

End rant, keep up the good work Haze ;)


really? sigh…

2 people in the lander 1 in the main capsule. They did not put the suits on until they were in the lander.

The door is *just* big enough to get out of, as a bigger door means more weight. Did you also know the metal holding the atmosphere was as thin as a sheet of aluminum you would find in your kitchen?

They had carbon dioxide scrubbers to remove Co2. Also did you know air only needs to be between 18% and 22% oxygen to breath? Did you know the human body does not consume 100% of the oxygen it breaths in?

Also did you know you can put filters on cameras to filter out any particular wavelength you like? Such as radiation which would cause film to be exposed for the 1/20th of a second it would be exposed to light. Also did you know they had many instances of pre-exposed film (you can see this on the google moon site). Did you also know they picked a trajectory to minimize effect of the belt?

In other words what they did was wildly dangerous. And the guys who did it were wildly crazy to try it. You would have to be, to strap yourself to several thousand metric tons of liquid oxygen and light the sucker…

Sorry Haze to hijack your thread, but seriously, can we also see the birth certificate? … :)

I don’t mind you hijacking the comments. As I said, I just really like the song / video (and happen to own the Album)

I find it criminal that the official video for what I consider to be a good song has less hits than some of my videos of crappy Korean games ;-)

Van Allen Belt (sphere) we simple cant get past it. Also if you watch space shuttle walks, they say often we have to pull back were seeing stars, ie radiation.

Aluminium is my far the worst ever insulator, it even makes the radioation worse ! And as for the camera, there is no sheild which can save the film !! XRays/Gamma rays go though EVERYTHING. And theres a lot of um up there.

But hey we all have our paradigms.

Also no its NOT BIG ENOUGH TO GET OUT OFF. Hence why they put the lander high up so nobody else can measure it.

And dont even get started on the backprojection of filming. or how they managed to perfectly sync the taking off, of the orbitor, wifi control ?? lol or a string ?

The bigger the lie more people will believe it.

Why you think we havent been back ? Because we cant get past the van allan sphere. Simples really.

Any news of those wonderful deco tapes ? Do we know the road block or is it just the time.

Onwards with a smile,

be the change you want to see !

Am I correct that there’s no INI for this? I’d like to be able to change the video mode and turn on prescaling but I can’t figure out how to do that without an ini or control panel.

Also, the original, while obviously made for the PS2 release, was produced for real arcade in limited quantities as a promotional thing. Might justify including it in MAME someday for that reason.

It’s just a MAME build, you can create an ini the same way you’d create it with any other MAME build (-cc) or use any existing .ini from a 0.143 build.

The source changes are there if you want to use it with your own build too.

For some reason I thought inis created automatically like the cfgs. My bad.

Thanks for putting this together. I know it’s a very small audience, but it really is one of the all time best retro remakes, and I don’t have a mod for my PS2 so this really beats having to run it through a PS2 emulator.


really? sigh…

The *only* reason we have not gone back is simple politics and money. Not enough ‘in my backyard’ for senators to fund it. Also the belief that the shuttle would replace the ~35billion a shot Saturn V rockets. Those are the current reasons we have no new orbiter to replace the now retired shuttles. (so it comes down to money)

Also perfect syncing is trivial to do. Me and my friends would do it quite regularly with our watches to mess with teachers. Quite amusing when 20 watches all go off at the same time in a class. What NASA did was simple physics (remember they are rocket scientists here a bit of calculus and clock timing is no problem for them). They also had the best computers for the time to help them do everything (did you know each icbm they used had one built in?).

Also the belt is not spherical shaped. It follows the magnetic poles (more like a oblong doughnut). Also x-rays and gamma rays are reflected quite nicely by lead. It doesnt even take much (less than 1cm thick).

Not to be insulting or anything? But did you pay attention in chemistry in high school at all?

Also yes they are big enough to get out of. I have seen a man wedge himself into a small box. Heck today I wedged myself under a sink to replace a faucet.

I have seen a couple of the capsules up close. They have about 1-2ft of fiber/lead/aluminum/ceramic insulation wrapped around them for a reason with tiny lead glazed windows. They also picked where they landed for very specific reasons.

What they did was quite spectacular and extremely dangerous. But also not very interesting scientifically or commercially. They pretty much went and grabbed a bunch of rocks. Did a few experiments and came back. There isnt a lot on the moon to be interested in that we do not have here in large abundances (currently). Hence not a lot of interest in going back. It was more of a large political stunt for the time than anything.

If you want to see how huge of a program you are insulting watch the mini series from here to the moon. There is a bit of drama added in but if you watch the show you can see what they were up against. Most of the junk you see coming from conspiracy theories come from the movie Capricorn one with OJ Simpson. There is also the mythbusters episodes to watch.

Also if you think I am totally insane consider this. The same tech they used, they are using today with the space station that orbits the earth. Right now. Today. The space shuttle that just launched was designed by the same guys who built/designed those rockets (using very similar tech). With the hopes of building a space station to help launch us to keep going to the moon. As a space station has a better cost ratio to get there. Then one day a shuttle blew up and risk left the program. Cost went up dramatically. The space station was just finished last year (was supposed to be done in the early 90s). But the original mission statement of it was lost over the years.

Also if you want to see how wildly dangerous all of this was look at the Russian version of the same program. They never managed to get a man up there but did manage a few rovers. They had some of the most spectacular failures which unfortunately set their program back by a couple of decades.

Again haze my humble apologies but this particular type of conspiracy theory just torks me up (love the cool rip off game comparisons you do once and awhile those are so cool)…


>> It was more of a large political stunt for the time than anything.

In laymen terms the US and Russia were engaged in a pissing contest.

Haze, Please check your pm on mameitalia

I know you hate PM’S but I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it here so thats why I have you a PM on Mameitalia

May I talk about something extremely off-topic here? But it may be of some help (if not yet fixed).

JVS emulated device in MAME has a bug in the jvs_host::encode() method. The bug happens when the sum byte after encoding is 0xD0 (which should be also encoded). It was tested in the recently leaked ttx/x2 games…

Sry for posting it here, but i am just too lazy to register it around mametesters and i was just passing through here and I decided to post it. And if it was already fixed, sry, mah bad.


hi , im offtopic but just answerin
some weeks ago guru ownde a
zero team
you know any update progress on that ?

Ok, I’ve passed on the message about the JVS, although MameTesters probably wouldn’t be the place to post it anyway (as, unless you know otherwise, it doesn’t affect anything in MAME)

You could have sent it to MameDev via the standard submissions form on their site.

For Zero Team nothing will happen unless somebody works on it, afaik Guru has had a board for years, a new one arriving makes no difference at all, they’re all protected just the same.

As for Mame Italia, I’ve not logged in there for a long time, never felt the need.

Okay, Well dox was trying to break protection of a kaneko game and we needed your help in this……

He hasn’t started anything yet coz he hasn’t received the pcb yet to run trojans……I just wanted to know if you’ll be willing to help in cracking the protection of this kaneko game….

I don’t think my help is needed.

I’m currently trying to sort out all the UK fruit machine stuff, which is currently a mountain of neglect.

Alright, Well the tag team of you and dox has brought good results in the past with b.rap boys, shogwarr so i thought if you could help in this too it would be great…..thanks anyways :)

And you will always be my hero for making b.rap boys work in mame…..

Haze,you are our hero Mamedev……

I agree 100% with you John…….Haze is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be mamedev

Thanks for posting this. It really is a tremendous remake and it feels so much nicer to be playing an original version instead of a hack.

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