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January 31, 2013 Haze Categories: General News. Comments Off on That yearly MAME summary..

I’ve done an article on MAME / MESS in 2012, covering some of the highlights from my perspective.

I added it as a page rather than an update here, so it’s linked on the left or here.

As mentioned, some might find a few bits controversial, or not worth mentioning, but I’ve tried to cover as much as possible while still making sure it’s a personal piece containing my viewpoints on things. It’s quite long, and there is still a chance I missed some things, but I had to decide to push publish at some point ;-)

Lots of pretty screenshots, most relating to drivers where improvements have been seen, some to help explain points and promote MESS a little.

Anyway, if you’re bored…

Please leave any comments on the actual page if you have them.

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