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November 13, 2013 Haze Categories: General News. 54 Comments on Glad, but not really happy yet..

by cross-referencing some bits of code with The Killing Blade I was able to establish why the Gladiator was booting straight to the title. There was a flag in RAM that needed to be set.

By setting this flag as part of the faked start-up code the intro will now play, and you can insert coins. Unfortunately you can no longer start the game at all now(!) and it crashes (address error) during the attract demos, that might be because my stacks are in the wrong place tho. I still haven’t managed to figure out what the code that gets executed during the game over sequence should do, nor do I know why the scrolling breaks.

*edit* fixed where the ARM stack gets put, that stops the scrolling glitching / game crashes. You can even coin it up now, and start playing although it only lets you press start if you insert coins then leave it a whole attract loop (I guess some flag needs setting) Also it still hangs on game-over due to the missing code at that point but you can actually play most of the game now..

The Gladiator The Gladiator
The Gladiator The Gladiator
The Gladiator The Gladiator
The Gladiator The Gladiator

Additionally I was curious to know if the game actually had an English title screen, I knew the roms contained full English and Spanish strings, but the only videos on YouTube seem to be Chinese and Korean versions. Like most IGS games a byte in the internal ROM controls the region, so here are screens of the various regions.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Hong Kong
China China
Taiwan Taiwan
Korea Korea
Japan Japan
Overseas (English)
Overseas Overseas
Spanish Territories
Spain Spain

So there you go.. that answers that question.


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This is not the same as NeoGeo games, we can able to change the language on Boot Menu Selection?
Demon Front is not on Korean.

no, the region of the PGM games does not depend on the motherboard, it depends on the protection chips in most games, or is hardcoded in the case of Dragon World 2.

Thanks Haze.

All IGS and Korean/Chinese games have a very nasty and cheap art style.
Capcom would not have sleepless nights over such crude graphics that look even worse than CPS1.

I stopped caring about PGM hardware 5 minutes after CAVE shmups were dumped.

All IGS employees should be rounded-up and executed for blackmailing CAVE into letting them make Bee Storm: Dodonpachi II

The legal disclaimer IGS slapped on the DDP2 boot-up screen is quite ironic, don’t you think?

Do you mean IGS (workers) have the code to unprotect the evil roms right?
About CAVE, still missing 5 games, a DeathSmiles 2, and a new recent game as been posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF_oS62Xb9A

some great progress today with this game just a few
more things to iron out


Your Engrish posts are more painful to read than shoving my penis in a toaster.
Seriously man, other people whose first language is not English can manage to post something readable, so why can’t you?

For fuck sake, grab an English dictionary :/



hi Haze,

First thanks for your hard work trying to fully emulate this awesome IGS game.

I’ve noticed for thegladpcb.zip, a rom in the original dump is not included in the pgm.c driver and in thegladpcb.zip


it is wave.u29 crc 51acb395 size 2 097 152. it seems this rom is only dedicated for the PCB version and not in the cartridges versions.
According to iq_132 , this rom seems to be an extra ‘wave’ bios sample rom so maybe it could explain why thegladpcb internal rom is not suitable for cartridges versions.

best regards,

I have a version in English, let me know if I can do something… But I recall dumping the EPROM a few years back

JacKc> the softwarethis set is just a bad dump, I believe we’ve constructed what is valid out of it..

Artemio> yeah, the external roms don’t determine the region, the one inside the protection chip does, good to know it was actually released in english tho ;-)

Fwiw the internal ROM we dumped is good for the ‘v107’ cart and ‘v100’ PCB version (which seems to be based on newer code despite the v100 tag)

The V100 cart should have a different internal ROM so we really need to dump what we can of that too.

The (partially) dumped internal ROM is from a Japan PCB version.

I’d guess there are a whole bunch of undumped revisions of the program code out there too given that the ones we have so far are ‘V100’ and ‘V107’ too.

I’ll check out my cart tonight and report any findings, I believe it was v107 since that number rings in my mind.

Great progress´╝îMame 0.152 will be the best for IGS and Cave shooting games

We don’t know that the Cave SH3 games will be readded. The Git doesn’t show it there yet.

Haze you are genius, thank you for the great work!

If the 0.150 to 0.151 update is a sign of what is to come…. 0.152 will just be another few added clones and nothing to get excited about.

Only noobs get excited over new MAME updates, and then they start bitching when the next release contains fuck all new.

Its the same every fucking time….

*Preview of MAMEworld forums 10 minutes after 0.152 is released*

Fucking idiot 1:
Why is SH-3 not working in MAME? ….

Fucking idiot 2:
Why does game X have regression now?

Fucking idiot 3:
How do i make SH-3 games work?

Fucking idiot 4:
Is MAME 0.153 coming out soon?

Fucking idiot 5:
Why is CAVE SH-3 not supported in MAME?

Fucking idiot 6:
How do i make “insert CV1000D game name here” work in MAME?

Then people ask me why i banned so many fucking noobs from MAMEWorld forums? …..

In Christmas day,we love to play Cave shooting games

Tell Guru to keep his fucking mouth shut next time then.

Why does the debug build still have bugs in it? :)

Ok, here’s what I got:

At boot Gladiator says it is for use in all countries but China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong an Spanish territories.

The EPROMs have versions v100 U6 and V101 U26. At boot it reads v101.

I have 3 other carts, Dodonpachi II, Martial Masters and Demon Front.

Demon Front is v105 in both EPROMS, 16M and 32M. At boot reads 105, 105 and 100 and has the warning only for Asian countries.

Bee Storm is v100 and v102 16M in EPROMs. At boot it says is v102, and the warning only has the Asian countries.

Martial Masters has the same legal warning, but reads USA instead of Spanish territories. EPROMs read v101 32M and v102 16M, and at boot it says v104 v102 v102

Wolf, are you MOTHER of Haze?

Maybe i dont’ understand the final lines of this post:http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/cave-cv1k-reference-page/.I ‘m Sorry

Artemio> sounds like you might have The Gladiator cart where the internal ROM is a different revision then (it won’t work at all with the internal ROM we dumped)

not sure what your position is on lending out carts, but the procedure used to read the readable part of the internal ROM could be used on it too (it’s slightly trickier than just putting replacement roms on the cart)

*edit* actually it sounds like the roms on that are undumped? according to what you say your 68k ROM is v100 and your ARM rom is v101, we don’t have an ARM rom identifying itself as V101.. (unless they forgot to update the string in the ROM as they’ve done in some other cases.) It’s possible that ARM rom will work with the internal ROM we dumped if it really is newer than V100…

The best troll i ever see in my life.

I Agreed.

Wolf you sound like an angry Smitdogg :P (excuse me if i’m wrong)

CaveSH3 is great and all, but guys please keep your impatience and excitement to yourself a bit. If it eventually gets readded to MAME or source posted individually by Haze on his blog, I think it’s best to do it with as little fanfare as possible.

That’s Smittdogg, you fucking idiot. There are two fucking T’s in the name.

If people want SH3 so badly, go and buy a fucking Playstation or Xbox and play the fucking things legally. Or even better go and buy the PCB.

I am not here to cater for fucking clueless noobz and stupid fucking pirates who refuse to part with a few dollars and want everything for free.

Would you get someone to boost a shitty crown vic from a parking lot just cos you want a free car? HELL NO you wouldn’t you stupid pirate motherfuckers!

Go ask mommy for a Playstation for Christmas and stop yo’ fucking bitching.


I guess you little yellow motherfuckers don’t do Christmas, so you better be sure and ask uncle Chang for an xbox along with that English dictionary on Dragon day…. or whatever dumbass shit you ragheads celebrate.

I don’t know who this Wolf person is or share his views or spell my name with 2 t’s or know why I bother reading these comments.

Keep reading my post until you understand it.

anger management much ?

regarding the Cave situation..

I’ll probably just resubmit it to SVN at some point, not sure when, let the team deal with it however they want.

It’s kinda funny tho, those leaked UME builds were clearly meant as an attack on me, but at the same time they have ended up proving a point I’ve been trying to make for a while.

Some people say if MAME went full UME style everybody would quit upgrading, I’ve always said that people will continue to upgrade as long as we offer something that they’re interested in.

People have had no qualms with using these leaked builds and in fact I’ve seen a number of threads with people wanting to use how to use QMC2 instead of MAMEUI etc. so that they can make use of them. This is actually a good thing because it gets people off MAMEUI which has been falling apart for years and like I said, it proves the point, those people aren’t avoiding UME because it emulates a bunch of extra stuff from MESS, they’re ‘upgrading’ to it because it does something they want.

I use the term ‘upgrading’ loosely however, I’m obviously not happy at the no-nag & highscore patches being applied to them (and god knows what else, people have reported some odd problems to me that sound like they’ve caused by other unsafe patches from unofficial builds) but I do find it slightly ironic that if anything they’ve boosted the popularity of UME rather than whatever the intention was. I imagine I’ll be slammed as soon as I post another official build without those patches and said extra games, so if that was the intention then maybe it has worked, but I can live with that…

I guess NOT submitting the code to mamedev works in my favor at this point if I want people to use UME tho, because the only access people have to the latest code is those UME builds (whoever leaked the builds doesn’t seem to have leaked the code? although saying this now they probably will…) it’s just a shame they have no-nag applied because no doubt it will lead to people making false reports to Mametesters etc. :/ (this makes me think I should just submit it to avoid that)

Lets kick Vas Crabb’s teeth out and piss on his brains.

Why are you saying they are leaked builds?

You knew in advance as soon as you put them on your site that they would be mirrored on EmuCR where everyone and anyone could download and share them.

The timing of that occurring is rather interesting as well considering how recent events have played out.

As you have said this so called ‘leak’ proves some points you’ve made and seems to favor your position/stance on things, so that’s exactly why it occurred.

I’m talking about the UME150x3 and UME151 builds that afaik have a bunch of hacks applied. (people are saying they’re faster than even the UME150 build so I’m guessing somebody took liberties with the patches too)

They didn’t come from me and were even packaged up with the roms.. The intention of those was either to piss me off, or piss Mamedev off to the point they yank UME from the code (which would have the same effect..) or possibly to piss Cave off and get them on my case due to the inclusion of the rom files?

The UME150 thing was just a mistake (although yes, I have suspicions I might have been fed the wrong files on purpose, especially with the more recent leaks too and considering how few people have those sources)

UME150 didn’t really add anything new (it was just an optimized version of the old driver) so was largely ignored and apart from the extra driver was 100% stock code, so I don’t really even mind people using it / mirroring it, better IMHO they use that than half the other hacked builds out there, at least you could guarantee the emulation of everything else was unaffected.

It’s the 150×3 / 151 builds that added the new stuff and all the gross hacks, I’d really rather people DIDN’T use those because of all the hacks (people reporting bugs to me in builds I don’t even have the exact code for isn’t useful) but it does prove the point, they added the 4th DDP game, people updated to it regardless of what else was in there. Suddenly with those UME is super-popular, but for all the wrong reasons in a build that (unlike 150) certainly doesn’t give you unaffected trustworthy emulation of the other systems (and does likely harm the reputation as a result if people try other things and find out the hacks applied to the build break them)

The timing is interesting yes, for a while I thought the site going down might have been part of a targeted attack, as part of the same process (I’m quite aware my comments pissed off a good number of people) but it doesn’t appear that was the case.

I guess I’m just trying to scrape some positives out of the situation.
– it proves people are quite willing to accept UME if it gives them something they want and has helped boost the popularity of QMC2 a bit too.
– it’s possibly the most gross unstable hacked up version of UME ever distributed otherwise and I actually wish people weren’t using it.
– if I do now offer an official 151 build people aren’t going to upgrade to it, because to them it will be a step backwards even if it’s more stable because it doesn’t have nonag hacks etc. and doesn’t have the games they want.

I’ll dump both EPROMs and let you know what I got. I am sure I dumped them a few years ago and submitted them though…

Can someone please ignore this idiot?
You are great for comic talkshows.

well these are the sets that boot in MAME
M68k V101, ARM V107

ARM V100 (the PCB version doesn’t identify the 68k version)

Test mode reports ‘Core Version V100’ with the internal ROM we have. (this might differ on the cart versions)

the non-working / non-booting set doesn’t have proper rom labels in MAME, but the internal strings show

“01/16/03.10:39:25.SHEN JIAN” and “V100MK” for the ARM which suggests V100, unless it gets the boot string from elsewhere..

this is using
ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP( “u6.rom”, 0x100000, 0x080000, CRC(14c85212) SHA1(8d2489708e176a2c460498a13173be01f645b79e) ) (68k code)

ROM_LOAD( “u2.rom”, 0x000000, 0x200000, CRC(c7bcf2ae) SHA1(10bc012c83987f594d5375a51bc4be2e17568a81) ) (arm code)

if that’s the one you have then that internal rom needs dumping, also if that’s the set you have then we need to correct the description / labels in MAME :-)

IGS versioning is typically messy however, the V101 68K set we have in MAME has ‘V100’ strings all over the place in the ROM and we’ve seen roms upgraded without stickers being changed too (as well as multiple versions with the same revision number, and some where the strings are blank)

Relax big doggy,

We all know that you are a closet racist.

After all your Afghan war rants on MAMEworld forums a few months back…. I was going to delete your account but Aaron said no.


The worst English speaker in the history of man, motherfucker.

Shut the fuck up, Kato …. you little yellow swine! :D

Bonus point to anyone who gets the famous quote.

You think Deathsmiles runs on original PGM hardware?


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At least you don’t have to decrypt AnimalBears posts… that would be near fucking impossible :D

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Wolf do you think i care your sillyness? No way :D

Are you sure that you aren’t reading too much into the UME builds? You’d been rather vocal about the legal state of MAME and talking about not working with it anymore, then mamedev.emulab.it was unreachable for days. It could just be that someone felt you’d quit, and decided to step in with their own UME build, but also decided to be extra “helpful.”

It wouldn’t be the first time someone’s somewhat misguided approach to help led to such results. You can see people posting and distributing hacked builds of various emulators. Some of those are certainly from people who think that they are helping.

The thing that looks more like an attack are Wolf’s posted replies. Rampant profanity and insults, racist remarks, absolutely zero value to his replies. It looks like someone is trying to convince you to disable comments again or to stop posting.

UR Gay

Maybe I am reading too much into it, but it was clearly a breach of trust whatever the case, the code that got leaked was only given to a small group of people (who sometimes help me with my compiles on release day)

I didn’t mind *too* much until they started putting out builds with the NoNag, 60hz, hiscore.dat and god knows what other patches in, I’ve always been very vocally against those, and obviously I don’t really want UME being distributed with ROMs either, that does it’s image no good at all.

Maybe you’re right and it was somebody trying to be helpful, or a bit over-enthusiastic in the case of my site being down, I had hinted to the people I gave the code to that I might be submitting the drivers if they tested out fine.

As for Wolf I agree, I don’t really censor anything here except spam, and due to the volume of his pointless posting his posts are now considered spam, they added nothing to the discussion.


You should be a big retard.

You are the biggest idiot of this f├│rum. Can you shut up please?
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so at this time for us regular mame gamers, The Gladiator is not playable, or is it? I have all the files except theglad_igs027a.bin. I believe this was the undumped file.

if you use the 151ex2 build I posted above and have a correct romset the game is fully playable right now, yes.

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