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November 17, 2013 Haze Categories: General News. 25 Comments on Arcadia Format

Unigame has been going through his collection of PCBs and allowing many of them to be dumped. In addition to a number of prototypes I’ll talk about later this also includes several previously undumped Arcadia games; the Amiga based arcade system.

Delta Command
Delta Command Delta Command
Delta Command Delta Command
Delta Command Delta Command

Pharaohs Match
Pharaohs Match Pharaohs Match
Pharaohs Match Pharaohs Match
Pharaohs Match Pharaohs Match

Blastaball Blastaball
Blastaball Blastaball
Blastaball Blastaball

He also had some alternate bios revisions, those have been added too.

Adding them was fairly simple, each game requires a basic bitswap (which only applies to odd bytes) Getting them running was just a case of figuring out the right bitswap in each case, Pharaohs Match had no swapping at all.

The Amiga version of Delta Command is known as New York Warriors


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Hello Haze,i have found the ics2115 sound chip information,does it help the pgm driver?

this mesaage make me crazy :rom or chd missing

MAME doesn’t lie … if you are missing files, you are missing files. Retrun yourself to sanity by finding the missing files. Really, it’s not a MAME issue.

That’s because you’re a retard, zouhir.

Great news Haze, i hope to play soon Delta Command looks great, with every game added to Mame I still surprised so many great games in just only place, the original Sky destroyer was a dream to play and now I waiting to play the Zero Team!

Forget play Zero Team…..

maybe you are right kkkk give me website were can i download right rom ?

Stop being lazy. Nobody will give you ROM links here.

Clrmamepro should you if the roms inside the archive were renamed. Otherwise a smart research with google will bring you everything you need, we all do that.

You can stupid easily use crlmamepro and search for the name rom and crc…
Thank you…

Thanks for your good work, I’ve been waiting for NY Warriors/Delta Command to turn up for a LONG time and was starting to doubt that it ever made it to the arcade! Does it use the same style ROM card as Aaargh!/Leaderboard Golf? I have an LG and may attempt a ROM conversion of it if they’re the same and if/when the NYW/DC ROMs are made public.

I’m really not a big fan of people converting / bootlegging boards so that they run other games and know for a fact it’s one reason a fair number of people haven’t dumped / shared stuff in the past, especially when they see people start doing it for money.

The latest high profile example is seeing PGM carts sacrificed to make bootlegs of the Cave titles (and who knows what being lost as a result)

I like to think MAME etc. help save original hardware by negating the need for people to do this so I’m probably not the best person to be asking for support on the issue.

Cool. Did he dump the Aaargh! ROMs too?

Fair enough, the last thing I want to do is discourage people from dumping games for MAME, so I’ll drop it. For the record I was only interested in doing it for personal use as I used to love the game on the PC, and know finding an original is going to pretty much be impossible.

Yeah, sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize us getting further dumps from this source because that tends not to be good for the overall goal of the project.

For example, some people have already said that Gaelco haven’t helped with anything since World Rally because they saw people taking advantage and selling fixes etc. as a result of them making the rom available. We have no actual way to deal with any of their games (and it’s a case of suicide batteries / devices) so that’s potentially a big loss.

not yet, I imagine they’ll come in the new year :-)

Thanks. A bit off-topic, but since this is an Amiga-based arcade too, do you know someone who has a Bally/Sente Moonquake PCB and could help with the encryption?

one appears at California Extreme most years, but that isn’t ideal for testing.

AFAIK there’s a 68705 MCU on the rom card, for all I know it could be supplying the game code, or merely supplying a status value in the expansion ram area so the game knows to decompress / decrypt / whatever the code..

Looking at it was on my todo list at one point along with a bunch of other Amiga stuff, I started by making the CD32 controller work, and floppies boot in A1200, but then people got pissy with me touching Amiga stuff so I left it all to those people (I wanted to reorganize things a little, remove naming ambiguity between Amiga / Atari / Acorn systems and easing the heavily congested a#### namespace by making the 8-letter shortnames more descriptive eg ami1200, atr600, acn3000, but it started the exact same wars we had on the playground at school, reminding me why I keep far away from popular computer drivers) I do care about cleanups and neat organization too you see..

Maybe I’ll invest some more time in the MAME specific part of it and see if this game is actually checking for anything obvious tho, and it’s almost certainly a game specific protection issue rather than anything with the baseline Amiga (so I’m not going to get the usual bitter taste of feeling like we’re freezing out all our best test cases and dumping them in MESS)

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I took a quick look.

It’s not remotely obvious to me where it’s even trying to read protection related things from..

have the UAE guys ever taken a look at this? they do Arcadia don’t they? I’m thinking to people who have spent years looking at Amiga protections and startup code something might stand out more than it does to me.

Not sure if the UAE guys took a look, but it seems there were interested people on EAB forum with plenty knowledge of inner Amiga workings. I did have a look too, but have only mediocre knowledge. The protection doesn’t seem to be Amiga-related, nothing in the available dumps seems to have something to do with it. It seems it’s something Moonquake-specific on the PCB that forms the protection. Doesn’t the MCU have a ROM part? Maybe that would be interesting. Or what else is on the PCB? And yes, Arcadia is in WinUAE.

well as mentioned, it apparently has a 68705, and that has an internal ROM (2048 bytes of it) yes (the exact type determines if there are exploits that would allow it to be read)

Taito used the same type of MCU on many, many of their 80s games as did many others.

What the MCU does is what is important, and knowing where it communicates with it will be important when it comes to actually figuring that out. It’s a simple, and fairly slow part, typical use in other games is just a command / response type system (here is some data, act on it, give me a reply) but I don’t see where it would hook up on Moonquake.

The ROM data does look either compressed or scrambled (I don’t see much in the way of plaintext / code) so my gut feeling is that it probably feeds the data to it and reads it back. Again tho, knowing WHERE it does that is what is important so somebody really needs to pick apart the code that it does run. There are far more skilled people in the Amiga scene than I am when it comes to that, the disk protections etc. that have been cracked where things depend on exact timing are going to have been a lot harder than figuring out what this should be doing.

I think there is too much of a feeling in the community still that ‘Mamedev will do it’ when it comes to a lot of tasks. The reality is if there are people in the community with strong skills and knowledge they really should be putting their foot forward and offering to help too, even if something like this seems insignificant to them. I’m sure a lot of them are better than the people they seem to expect to do the tasks. Figuring things like this out is the REAL important work for MAME, because it’s the kind of thing that only has to be discovered once, and it’s then known for the rest of time.

Note, I’m only repeating what I’ve been told / read about the MCU being on the board, it could be a case of chinese whispers, I’ve never seen an actual photo of it, there could be a dongle plugged into the parallel port for all I know! the lack of information is kinda annoying, but that’s never really stopped people before.

Any chance of you putting me in touch with the Delta Command ROM card’s owner? I may want to see if he’s interested in selling it, or barring that if he cares whether I try to convert mine or not.

I’m told none of the stuff can be sold, so it seems unlikely I’m afraid, that’s one reason I’m a bit worried what might happen if people do start converting things and selling them. I don’t think anybody can prevent you from converting the stuff for personal use, the security is weak to say the least, but probably best you don’t shout it from the rooftops.

Yeah it’s totally for personal use, you of course only have my word on that as you don’t know me but I’m not interested in somehow making money on it or trying to sell/distribute anything. I wouldn’t think there would be a market anyway as Arcadia boardsets are incredibly rare and there’s only a handful of games actually worth playing on it, so I can’t imagine there being any demand. It’s as much a nostalgia thing in my case as anything, I used to love the PC version and was always curious what the arcade version was like. The protection would probably take me some time to figure out as I’m a newb when it comes to such things, but ROM placement might be an even bigger issue if those aren’t marked in the file names, so I may have to pick his brain a little on that. Also I’m not going to try to reuse the original Leaderboard EPROMs, they’re all socketed as is the PAL so I’m going to put them aside and program fresh ones, that way if I want to change it back it’ll take all of five minutes. As far as “bragging” goes if all else works out the only thing you might see from me is posting a few pics of a cab I might build for it with custom artwork (I’ve got some ideas), but I won’t be talking about the PCBs or how those came about, I’ll leave people to assume they’re original.
If you could put me in touch with him that would be great but I’m not looking to make a pain out of myself, it is just a game afterall. :)

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