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February 3, 2015 Haze Categories: General News. 8 Comments on Love before Loop

Manuel Assoni dumped a Korean game for which there was previously very little information about online.

The game is called ‘PuzzLove’ and it’s by Para (Paradise of Amusement) so it slotted into the driver we have for their other game (Silver Millennium) however there were some graphical errors with the sprites (wrong sizes, flickering). The Silver Millennium hardware is one of the many Korean hardware types using Tumble Pop style sprites as a base so I was a little surprised to see sprite glitches.

I took a quick look and it turns out they had simply swapped one bit of the sprite height attribute with the ‘blink / flicker’ bit. This was probably done as a simple kind of protection to stop board swaps. I added a special case for this game, and the glitches were fixed.

PuzzLove PuzzLove
PuzzLove PuzzLove
PuzzLove PuzzLove
PuzzLove PuzzLove
PuzzLove PuzzLove
PuzzLove PuzzLove
PuzzLove PuzzLove
PuzzLove PuzzLove

The game is a collection of mini-games accessed through the maze screen, I don’t get the impression there is a huge variety on offer but it’s an interesting original Korean development from 1994. Huge thanks to Manuel Assoni for dumping the ROMs from his PCB.


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Nice to have another Korean game crossed off the list!

The amount of progress you post on this site in such a short time frame is insane! I hope you guys take time to sleep and go outside every now and then. Thanks for your work!

Nice job Haze. Another rare game from PARA is now secured and emulated.

On a side note, any news about S.V.G. – Spectral vs Generation (V100, Taiwan) [svgtw] internal arm7 rom partial “dump”?

Grain to grain, the hen fills her chat.
Nice work.

Note: Maybe Demul devs. are able to emulate model3.c?
Just a suggestion, because bart is not cappable to work on this so soon. (maybe never). No promisses.

You or some other dev should write an article about alla the new emulated handled games from seventy or eigthy. It’s a great achievement!! ;-)

yeah, it would be nice if hap had a blog for that, I don’t really know how to operate all of them, most of the handheld *games* are going to need some kind of external artwork tho.

I know growing up I had a small yellow/black space shooter type toy (quite chunky with rounded corners) where you had to attack things in each corner of the ‘screen’, but I have no idea what that actually was now… We’re definitely at a point where the proper game and watch things are a realistic target assuming they use MCUs we can decap tho.

I wonder if you recent refactoring of the galpanic driver has something to do with the flicker of one tile at the middle bottom of the screen in Zip & Zap or it is due do a bad dump of one the roms ?

Thank you for your dedicated work in Mame. It is always appreciated.

Zip & Zap is odd, and might need different sprite handling to the rest. Currently I’ve left it using the ‘bootleg’ sprites from the old driver because unlike the Comad titles it doesn’t work with the emulation of the original Kaneko sprite chip. The main program roms didn’t give consistent reads with it however, so there’s always room for issues with that one.

There are still some ugly rendering glitches in other games too, some of which I suspect may happen on the real hardware due to the developers not understanding it properly, others I’m less sure about.

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