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December 12, 2015 Haze Categories: General News. 2 Comments on Somewhere only slightly less dangerous than the hands of a hoarder..

Following on from the post about the rare PV1000 game being dumped we have saw another rare Japanese console / computer game dumped. This time it’s one for the Tomy Pyuuta system, an early ’16-bit’ machine.

The Pyuuta games while not graphically spectacular or ambitious do seem to offer some fast paced arcade-like gameplay, and this one is no exception.

The game in question is “Bermuda Triangle”

Despite the initial appearance (what looks to be a massively oversized ship at the bottom of the screen) it has no connection with the much later arcade title released by SNK. This is a fast and challenging wave based shoot / dodge game.

This one was also rather costly, with most of it being paid for by MooglyGuy this time around.

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Actually, it matches the USA release “Torpedo Terror” dumped ages ago :) Same for the recently dumped Maze Patrol that matches the old dump of USA “Cave Crawlers”. Of course, verifications are always nice, but it’s not really a new dump.

ah, so it is, it was presented as a completely undumped game, but yeah, the verification helps, this definitely came from a Japanese cartridge.

I guess standard policy would be to collapse it into a single entry instead, with both names listed.

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