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December 5, 2016 Haze Categories: General News. 25 Comments on I didn’t know I had permission to murder and to maim

So… we’re approaching the end of 2016. I haven’t even started a 2016 write-up article, but for the sake of continuing tradition I probably should do one. The problem is, as I’ve been mostly inactive this year, I haven’t even really been following progress. Considering I usually start writing it a month or two before now, and don’t usually have something I’m happy with until a few months into the new year I’m definitely behind schedule with that.

I’m not sure there are even many people viewing these pages, but let’s see anyway because Crowdsourcing could help here. What happened in 2016 that needs covering? Anything done in MAME, not just arcade bits, that you feel has improved the project. Write as much of little as you like, try not to cover things other people have already covered unless you feel they neglected to mention something important about them. If there is enough of a response I’ll try and piece things together.

(yeah, there’s a 3rd part to the Magnet system writeup to do too, but I got stuck with the ADPCM playback and a bit burnt out with it so ended up putting it on the backburner for a while)


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I for one appreciate your write-ups and enjoy reading them. The fact that you can provide a knowledgeable objective view while stating your opinions without favoring Arcade progress over anything else makes it a worthwhile read for me.

As someone that does follow the projects GitHub and whatsnew.txt there have been times I’ve read your previous write-ups and after the fact realized I’ve missed something or have gained a better understanding because you’ve spelled it out better for me (And lots of pics certainly helps ;) )

I think the Acclaim RAX Soundboard Emulation by Phil Bennett for the 0.180 MAME Update is a huge step up in regards to the “Sega Titan-Video” Emulation & Preservation.
The arcade versions of Batman Forever & NBA Jam Extreme have been without sound for years. This is now remedied.

Another great achievement has been by Kale. I don’t know the exact fixes and which MAME update it was, but Kale fixed a couple of graphical glitches in the Konami game “Sunset Riders” that had existed for an eternity. I think he also fixed some sprite align priorities in other games. It shows that you should never give up the hope.

There are a lot of other fixes that I will try to list later.

Yeah, I love, REALLY love, your write-ups.
It was a good reading, seeing things i’ve missing in whatsnew text.
I understand it’s a lot of work, but useful work.
So thanks you for the last years of writing, and I hope a new text for 2016.
Thanks haze !

Your write-ups are nice and many people read them (that don’t comment).
Keep on doing what you do (like erm… you do, even when you say you won’t… ahem).
I don’t want more info on something that happened in 2016, but I do know things that need improving in 2017. :P But that’s for another article I guess.

I do too like reading your writing on what your up to, even though i don’t understand all what your writing about sometimes.
But talking about the end of 2016 soon it’s gonna be Mame’s 20th Birthday so are we gonna see a nice new Android app? As it would be a nice thing to start doing even if it means updates once every 12 months because Android smart devices are getting faster every year.
I see Mame is freeware but what’s stopping adding a donation link to it ? (Is it not allowed under the license?) Most Mame uses do like to do a bit of classic gaming on there smartphones & tablets as i’m one of them, so adding a donation link if possible on the App stores would see i’m sure of it people (myself included) donating small amounts e.g $1 or £1 or whatever there currency is as the small donations could go towards funds for buying undumped games or what other costs there is. Mame as a non profit freeware community project so i don’t see why small donations for Mame builds on the Android market is gonna be a problem, but I don’t know all the rules for freeware projects. For some reason small donations are allowed on the Android App market & the donations reach a really large amount, Mame project could then give some of the donations to other Non profit projects out there. I do hope this project could happen as it would give a nice boost into getting Mame users to feel they actually helped the project & not just play!

I asked this several months ago, and didn’t hear about any progress:

Are they going to port current MAME/MESS to Android? As a native port, not through Retroarch or Mame4Droid?

There is actually an Android target in there I believe, although without MAME having some kind of touch interface I doubt it’s very usable.

Thanks for all you are doing. Regarding write-ups….any exciting systems reverse engineered or what would you consider the coolest enhancement to MAME for 2016 from development?

I’d have to build it myself for Android? I can’t download an apk somewhere.

I have a GPD XD, so I have a controller.

I was thinking of getting a GPD Win, but I wouldn’t need it if current MAME is on Android. I heard some bad things about the GPD Win. I heard it only polls the controller at a rate of 20Hz.

I would have thought Haze with all the skills you have you could write the code for compiling Mame for Android in your sleep. I heard a while back that there was some progress on the laser disk games like Space Ace & Dragon’s Lair. I know that those games are just really memory games, but is it down to that the games are still for sale that’s why they are not in Mame? as i see the videos for the games on tons of sites so why Mame hasn’t created some kind of laser disk player hooked up to controller to tell the laser disk player which video to play. Can you explain why this can’t be done in terms that I would understand. Please & Thanks

some things from the top of my head:
* rare games (Wing Force, Magnet System, Dive Bomber, Metal Freezer, decocass gambling game, etc.)
* early Zaccaria games improvement (catnmouse, ..)
* Atari protection breakthrough (Space Lords, Moto Frenzy)
* weststry sound implemented
* Kale bug fixing spree
* MEWUI import
* apple1 driver rewrite
* string translation support
* more chess computer and handheld work
* xbox/chihiro improvements
* some Gaelco unprotected games turning up (Touch & Go, ..)
* arm improvements for Archimedes and MK5 gambling board.
* license change

Just Desserts did a lot of work on Sun SparcStation (I believe R.Belmont also worked on it, and Vas Crabb did keyboard emulation).

JD also did a lot of work on the Fairlight CMI sampling synth.

Neither of those drivers are complete yet, but it was still very awesome to see the progress.

Bryan McPhail also updated the protection for Bloody Wolf (I think previously it was HLE’d or something).

Operation Wolf, but yeah, I was really impressed with Bryan’s translation of the protection handling from the prototype version’s 68k code into a better MCU simulation for the original game, the existing HLE simulation had some nasty bugs.

Better still will be once the c-chip is dumped and we know for sure everything is 100% accurate, but at least now there are no known bugs in the simulation, unlike before where significant parts of the game didn’t play correctly.

Know that your write ups are read and appreciated by many. Keep up the good work on what I think is one of, if not the most, the largest open source projects out there.

Memorex VIS emulation, new Pyuuta and Gamate dumps, Voltmace Leapfrog dump.

Many games became working in 2016, including: Snow Board Championship, Ninja Kazan, Carnival King, Flash Point – Datsu bootleg, Tournament Solitaire, Magical Touch, Touch And Go, Glass, Gigas, Take Off, Tora Tora, Godzilla, Moto Frenzy, Space Lords, many Aleck 64 sets, Wheels And Fire, RC de Go, Number Crash, and probably Laser Base / Future Flash.

I also appreciate your write ups.

Something not to be missed out is GroovyMame features going into baseline Mame.
How things changed since Mame and Mess merged now that more time has passed.
The improvements to some software lists.
All the important bugfixes compared to some of the main issues still to solve like video issues in System 24.
The addition of some locative systems like Spanish Magnet.
LUA scripts, BGFX…

I believe there are quite a few milestones.

Your writing’s great! I love the depth and breadth of the material you cover, and how thorough you are!

Don’t forget to cover Memorex VIS ;)

Hi Haze, i gathered working emulated builds of oriental legend 2 ans KoV 3, but the emulation is not 100%, would you like me to end them to you ?

I really like to read your writeups, please keep them coming :)

One big step this year for me was the work made to enhance COP(?) emulation in TAD games, such as Heated Barrel.

And speaking of Android devices, I bought a GPD XD and it arrived last month. I can play MAME version 0.174 through RetroArch and it plays just fine. I can open up the internal UI and set keys, aspect ratio and most part of the games I have (pre-1996) are working fine, 95% of them I can play at full speed and the last 5% are very playable, just a little slow.

But I understand your point: without a rewrite of the internal UI or at least some improvements made to it, we are stuck to arcade games. All other systems would be a PITA to configure/run properly. Anyway, it’s going into the right direction.

Thanks IvO, will be a pleasure to see PGM1 as well all games fixed too. :)

we want progress on hyperneogeo 64

Always read your comments like how you do a shedload of quirky stuff no other devs go near i have one question when will we get near perfect sound in raystorm gdarius as these are basically the last games i want to see(and hear)

Murder and maim huh? Got a 00 designation?

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