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December 28, 2017 Haze Categories: General News. 36 Comments on Now (That’s What I Call MAMEing) 33

Peter and Morten dumped the internal ROM from Knights of Valour 3, the China / Taiwan / Hong Kong only installment in the series, and first game to make some significant changes to the gameplay formula.

Metallic bypassed an additional check the game makes for an FPGA on the ROM board, and I fixed up a few holes in our video emulation needed to make the game look correct (it runs at a higher resolution of 512×240 pixels) There are still some slightly odd looking visuals in some stages where the bottom row of background tiles is repeated, but I think that’s because those backgrounds were originally designed to run at 224 resolution and IGS were simply hoping nobody would notice.

Here is a video, I don’t play well here because I put the game on the hardest difficult in Service Mode. Video shows the save cards work fine in the MAME emulation anyway :-)

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Here are some screenshots

Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3
Knights of Valour 3 Knights of Valour 3


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Reminds me of Golden Axe, but everything does because I love that game.
Great job, Haze.

What have I been playing on mame since 1 year ago then? A bootleg?

A broken piece of shit in a hacked up, illegal, closed source, Commercial Chinese MAME build that’s full of backdoors and is putting your PC at risk… Coining up doesn’t work properly in that hack, game over sequence doesn’t work properly in that hack, some secrets don’t work properly in that hack, card saving doesn’t work properly in that hack. The people making that hack wanted to make money out of it, and make money out of your PC.

This is the first time it’s actually been emulated, properly, and will be in the official MAME versions that can actually be ported to other platforms etc. and where all the emulation source is available for the benefit of everybody. It’s cost the guys doing this a fair bit of money to actually get things done properly.

Thanks to all great work & can’t wait to play this.

Is this the latest arcade game that playable in MAME?

probably, unless there are some newer gambling sets.

Haze – thank you and the team for the work on this. I appreciate the cost – in time, effort and cash – that went into this. Wow!

How to setting language in Kov2 New Legend to English?

Wait for the English version to be dumped, no way without hacking otherwise, I don’t want to create fake roms.

> I don’t want to create fake roms.

and do you think that a simple cheat code could be enough to activate English language?

Thanks for your work Haze !

Puzzle of Ocha and Jigsaw World Arena seems miss again. I hope they aren’t difficult to discover.

http://system16.com/hardware.php?id=978&gid=19199#19199 the last 2 games

JIGSAW WORLD ARENA and PUZZLE OF OCHA will be dumped ? or they are unreleased prototypes ??

according to a source at IGS both games (Jigsaw World and Puzzle of Ocha) saw complete production runs for Japan, they were simply budget games and didn’t receive much promotion (same source says there was a 3rd game too tho) They were cheap games due to being simple / low-cost productions in the first place.

however, according to Japanese collectors both games failed location test and are therefore prototypes and worth thousands of dollars which is basically the opposite of what the IGS source says. Some hold the opinion that Puzzle of Ocha was released and Jigsaw World wasn’t.

So who knows, maybe PCBs were produced then lost, maybe they’re sitting in a warehouse somewhere, maybe Japanese collectors just want people to pay silly money for them, either way, they’ve not been seen recently for anything bordering on sane prices.

also, yes, you could probably do kov2nl region with a cheat as a cleaner solution in the meantime.

aki kantana was 2011 as well

MAME just never stops becoming more awesome, it seems. Appreciate all the great work being done lately.

the akatana set we have is august 2010, and it’s not even the first revision.

as I said before tho, by this point there weren’t really many traditional platforms left, HD was becoming a thing and actual JAMMA arcade cabinets with lo-res 4:3 monitors were becoming a thing of the past so there aren’t really likely to be many newer as the market was gone. Newer platforms, those with HD output are going to take a LOT more CPU power to emulate because they’re all based on much more modern tech.

PGM3 for example outputs 720p and has an 800Mhz ARM11 driving it…. the PGM2 stuff we’re not sure of the clock so just guessed at an upper estimate, but most of the PGM2 software can happily run at 16Mhz, it’s worlds apart.

thank you so much you do hard work for to make us happy ^^

Thanks for the hard work of all of those involved! Game seems very nice :)

Thanks again for that one!

PS: It seems a remaining bug in the shop has been reported for kov3 on a chinese forum. But I don’t know if it’s true as I don’t understand anything in that shop lol

Also there is still a video bug that can be seen from 1’24” to 1’30” on your video : the head of the left horseman remains on the screen :)

hmm interesting sprite bug
I thought it would just be a design thing but you’re right
doesn’t happen on

as for the shop.. yeah, I’ve seen reports, but somebody needs to clearly spell out in English exactly what is wrong and what the expected behavior is.

KOV3’s shop system has a problem, it’s obvious! Role Zhao Yun 6AAAA’s indescribable gun head!

That makes as little sense to me as the actual shop system…. I don’t read Chinese..

Well I’ve made some changes to the emulation to fix the horsemen head bug, which seems to have also changed how the shop appears. Maybe it’s better, maybe it’s worse, I can’t read it to tell you.

should demonstrate some improvements anyway… from what I can tell everything is functional

KOV3 is there ending and game end credits ? or infinite.

Thanks a lot for the fix !
Very nice to see them all fully emulated so quickly :)
Happy new year !!

As for ‘does the game have an ending’

I don’t know.

It’s not designed really like a traditional arcade game that you can do a 1CC. You’re giving 999 seconds per credit, or until you run out of lives, and in that time you’re meant to play levels to improve your character, saving your progress to the card. You seem to have a fairly large selection of levels to choose from at first, but some are locked, presumably until you reach a certain level or have completed other stages.

Some stages are more difficult than others so it doesn’t make sense until you’ve done some grinding with your character to reach a higher level first. Maybe one of them is considered a ‘final’ stage, maybe it has end credits. I don’t know. It’s a very ‘experimental’ game design from IGS and seems more about leveling your character until you can get the best score for any given stage.

Unlike Kov2 New Legend and Oriental Legend 2 it also looks like this one only supports 2 players as well (the HUD elements in ROM for players 3 and 4 are clearly unfinished)

I’m not really surprised a lot of people considered it a step backwards*, but it’s just another indication that the old arcade model wasn’t profitable. It’s also interesting that IGS had clearly given up on all markets apart from the China / Hong Kong / Taiwan regions by this point too, as the game doesn’t run in any other language at all.

* I was getting requests to emulate this from the day it was released because some people (even arcade ops) wanted to hack it to work more like a traditional game because the players were unhappy with it and arcades were unhappy at the idea of having to purchase new cards all the time too.

Yes that’s right, kov3 is more a like a recent home game where you have to collect items and powers. You can go back on levels, and it seems you have to go to some places that aren’t on your travel to get new items etc… It’s boring for me but the “game” and its design is very good :)

About the cards, 500 uses for each characters apears to be enough for most people, I really don’t think that many players will reach the limit. There are 10 caracters per game, so with a set of 10 cards you can play 5000 times!! It’s way enough for an arcade game where you have to pay each credit and a very few player will have to purchase cards again because of that limit…

Also this card system would have been better if we get the ability to save every caracters on a single card per game. That way we would be able to change and chose the caracter we want to play on the select screen or at continue time as usual.

I’m really curious about the oversea version of kov2nl and can’t wait to test it :)
I really loved orleg2 game and being able to play the oversea version with full english texts and without cards is a real step forward! Also we are lucky because this version appears to be very uncommun and very hard to find! So thanks a lot!! :)

The English KOV2NL uses cards, just like the other regions.

It’s only Oriental Legend 2 that got an exception for Overseas / Japan

That’s what I’ve noticed when hacking the rom to oversea region, but sadly I was expecting a no-card version for the real oversea one…
Also finding oversea cards for that game should be a challenge itself lol

BTW there is no locked characters on that game and saving in cards appears to be mostly useless on this game (kov2nd is mosly the same game and don’t use cards…). So at least having english texts is allready a good thing :)

There are 3 types of cards for Kov2NL

Type 1
Oversea, Taiwan, Korea (unreleased)

Type 2
China, Hong Kong

Type 3

So if you have an Oversea (english) board you can use Taiwan cards. But yeah, unlike the other games it’s just an afterthought, there’s no real reason to use them other than to show off.

What is your next progress? Im exciting to know

I think the next thing I’ll do is look at the GameKing handheld emulation.

mame screen settings bug, vertical sync feature is only valid in Direct3D mode. Vertical sync function is invalid in BGFX mode, although there are HD filters, but the picture horizontal tear is very serious.
BGFX filters should be based on Direct3D mode, and should not stand alone

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