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May 1, 2014 Haze Categories: General News. 12 Comments on UME 0.153ex2

UME (logo by JackC)
UME is the complete/combined version of the MAME / MESS project.

It’s always a little disappointing to have to post 3 UME updates in a row with no actual WIP news between them, but that’s the situation right now, I’ve not really made any changes worth doing an update about it, and progress elsewhere has been slow too if I’m honest.

0.153ex2 is built from SVN revision 30169

UME 0.153ex2 Windows binaries – 32-bit, 64-bit and all tools
UME 0.153ex2 sources

Here is the 0.153ex1 to 0.153ex2 SVN log

Also split mame/mess (non-ume) binaries of this revision can be found here

Points of Interest

The main addition of note here is support for Wyvern F-0, already extensively covered by Luca. It’s not really quite as rare of valuable as it’s hyped up to be, but it’s an interesting addition as it further shows the influence Namco’s Xevious had on the arcades, employing a similar air / ground bombing system (Taito had tried this previously with Fire Battle) As Luca mentions there are still a few issues with sprite colours, as you can see.

Wyvern F-0 Wyvern F-0 Wyvern F-0

For UME / MESS users I’ve added the parsing of some additional ini files based on how the drivers are defined in the source. Drivers are defined with either a GAME( macro, a CONS( macro, COMP( or SYST( depending on what type of system they are. This information was previously unused, but the emulator will now attempt to parse ‘arcade.ini’ for anything defined as GAME. and ‘console.ini’, ‘computer.ini’ or ‘othersys.ini’ for each of the others. While this relies on things being properly defined in the source it will allow UME users who might want specific .ini options to be applied only to drivers that originated in MAME to create an ‘arcade.ini’ with those specific options in. Even if you’re not using UME the option will benefit MESS users who can use the computer/console.ini files for the same purpose.

system11 dumped a couple of clones, the most interesting being a Korean version of Kaneko’s ‘The Berlin Wall’ This version carries an ‘Inter’ license like the Korean version of Gals Panic and appears to be a fully legitimate version of the game licensed by Kaneko for the Korean market.

The set is also interesting because it uses the same character graphics as the ‘berlwallt’ clone set, but preserves the normal stage order. Interestingly it suffers from the same ‘COPY BOARD’ issue when you die / continue on world 4 and above that resulted in the ‘berlwallt’ set being marked as a possible bootleg. I’ve asked for system11 to check if this actually occurs on real hardware, because the board the set comes from is definitely original so we need to establish if it’s an emulation glitch (meaning we’re missing some way the game detects a bootleg board, or some way of hiding those sprites) or an oversight by Kaneko with these versions of the game. Luca also fixed a few bugs in the driver.

Berlin Wall (Korea) Berlin Wall (Korea) Berlin Wall (Korea)

While on the subject of Berlin Wall, I find it a shame that ‘Wani Wani World’ never made it to the arcades, it’s a much more refined, much better looking, much more fun version of the game that was released on the Sega Mega Drive in Japan. (you can always give it a spin in UME, “UME megadrij waniwani”) I think the ‘RESET’ button on the MD emulation broke at some point tho, a shame because you need to reset the game 19 times to activate the cheat mode (and F3 resets too much of the system for that)

Kale has also been busy with improving the Model 2 emulation, although it’s still a long way from being correct or any kind of rival to ElSemi’s emulator.

Other than that a lot of the work done has been refactoring as usual, although a number of the small improvements are important, the Sega Master System timing tweaks that went in fixed a number of bugs I was seeing where screens were flicking that did not occur on real hardware (menu screens in Micro Machines for example – although there does seem to be a flickering line again on Fantastic Dizzy now) We’ve also seen work started on a long overdue cleanup of the MSX drivers.

A significant number of devices have had uninitialized variables cleaned up which should make things more reliable as uninitialized values can result in unpredictable buggy behaviour (like the Namco flipscreen issue we saw in 0.153)

A fair amount of work has also been done on more obscure systems in MESS, but you’d be better off checking the changelogs yourself for those if you want more details. A driver for the Xerox Alto 2 from Juergen is one such addition, but work was also done on the Goldstar FC-100, the Dick Smith Super-80, the NeXT systems and a number of others, each change inching them a bit closer to a working state. The MESS side of the code has been a hive of activity when it comes to these lesser known systems and it’s always good to see some devs of old getting a feel for things again with them!

Beyond that we’ve also seen attempts to repair the collateral damage caused by some of the other recent refactoring / device conversions / core rewrites such as the 0.153 regressions seen with the Cybiko.


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Why bother? Mame is dead.

If MAME (or UME) is really dead, why do you bother to visit and comment on a MAME(UME) Developer Page?

Oh no, let’s not start again this #hit.

To be fair the arcade side of things is kinda dead from a ‘new developments’ point of view, limping along at best right now.

The Mame project as a whole is a lot more than the arcade side of our emulator tho and you can’t really say the whole project is dead.

Speaking of new developments, I have in mind Namco system 10 which a fairly good number of puzzle games without any adaptation to console .

By the way, I’ve just found this :

What do you think about this new approach for arcade emulation ?

Best regards

System 10 is a very hard problem; the security appears to be genuinely really good, unlike the usual arcade stuff.

That “new approach” has much in common with both devcb2 and Couriersud’s recent work on the discrete logic system, both of which emphasize defining hookups between components over traditional driver writing. Put simply, we generally agree with that direction, it’s just taking a while to turn a codebase the size of MAME/MESS around to point that way. (This is the goal of the many “modernization” and “devcb2 conversion” commits you’ve seen over the past 2 years).

They think that the emulator is dead, why not stop whining the new rules of mame.
Just because it takes 4 months or more is necessary to make a big farce.
You’re evil, will place a coin in the gaming machine and shut up.
I really hope they stop nerves with Haze and all workers of emulation. Only lose time in writing with your fingers unemployed.

Hey, i do not wanna your answer.

Haze, I see that system11 provided the dump for galpani2gs. Can he also provide a quality video recording of the POST and the Screen Test in the Test Mode?

does it have to be that specific version? GP2 boards are quite common, I’d be surprised if we couldn’t get a video from somewhere even if system11 can’t make it.

I know dox once made a video, although his board was weird, it took a LONG time to draw the backgrounds, and you could see them as they drew (a bit like the title screen of fantasia in MAME at the moment, but much slower)

No need to be that specific version, no.
2/2t/2g/2i/2e/2gs/2e2 would be fine. I guess 2j/quiz too. Not sure about 2se, though.

I already have a POST video from the italian board Corrado dumped, but as the board was not fully operational, the last test fails and the watchdog restarts it (so no test mode was reachable). It would be nice if it was a different one.

ok, I’ve forwarded a request to the Dumping Union to see if anybody can provide videos, I believe ANY dumped a number of them too.

What the fuck are you talking about?!! MAME is not dead. Obviously that shithead fucker dumper Guru brain-washed you.

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