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April 17, 2014 Haze Categories: General News. 30 Comments on UME 0.153ex1

UME (logo by JackC)
UME is the complete/combined version of the MAME / MESS project.

0.153ex1 is built from SVN revision 29720

UME 0.153ex1 Windows binaries – 32-bit, 64-bit and all tools
UME 0.153ex1 sources

Here is the 0.153 to 0.153ex1 SVN log

Points of Interest

MAME 0.153 was buggy, use of the brightness / gamma settings in the 32-bit builds would cause BG colour issues in anything using the ‘black_pen’ feature of MAME, most notably many 80s classics like Galaga.

There were other problems also affecting Namco titles like Galaga, Pole Position etc. – uninitialized variables causing anything with the Namco customs of the era to randomly boot into service mode, or display the gameplay upside down etc.

Another problem was causing MAME to crash if loading 0 byte files, many sample sets you find have 0 byte files for dummy samples (eg. Gorf) and while having these dummy files isn’t recommended it wasn’t ideal behaviour for MAME to simply crash when they were present.

I do not know if there will be an official 0.154 build following shortly to fix these issues, but they’ve all been fixed in the SVN at this point, so I’ve decided to put out this ex1 build of UME as a public service. It also includes the fixes to allow the SC4 fruit machines to pass their init once again after the 68681 refactoring.

I believe some issues from 0.153 still remain (cheat finding doesn’t work) but I felt it a good idea to get this out there before further instabilities are introduced.

There are a lot of other refactoring changes in this build, as well as Kale’s WIP on Model 2, so I can’t guarantee nothing else is broken, but I felt having builds where the classics were known to be in a semi-broken state was not a good idea.

Note, a number of changes in the changelog mention the new menu system, this was backed out shortly before this build as it isn’t yet stable.


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And that’s why people is mad about this?
Please stop pressing the button so much.
It’s buggy, and who cares?
Soon or later mame will be fixed in the right way.

“Urgh, you’re such an asshole for releasing a build with some bugfixes applied!” – Lewis King, 2014

Kid, buddy, if you don’t care, then quit with the attitude. If you genuinely don’t care, how does this even SLIGHTLY inconvenience you? Get a life.

Does it have retroarch support?


That was a joke ;-)

Good work! I always enjoy reading about your progress here.

Actually, RetroArch already contains an even newer version of MAME/MESS/UME since it’s kept in daily sync with the official git.

Shut up.

There is no official git. Development is done from SVN.

The redump GIT mirror isn’t considered official?

Haven’t been about in a while, most likely will update with this release.

I noticed that cheat-finding was broken. Does that mean no MAME cheats for the forseeable future?

Also, bearing the “x64-sc” implementation in VICE, does this have any bearing on C64 implementation in MESS?

You made the UME build about 6 hours too early!

Wyvern F-0 :)

Really, why you’re pushing your luck?

I can’t be sure because ME AM NOT BRAZIL but I think his comment about “people is mad about this” had to do with Haze’s previous update. I don’t think he was complaining. *shrug*

Just a shame that the Wyvern F-0 romset is not available anywhere, so we can’t even have a game of it. I’ve tried alt.binaries.emulators.mame and google. So it looks like everyone will have to wait a couple of months. What was the point of Luca offering a version of mame that runs it when it won’t be available until 0.154 is out?.

Because you people want it so badly expel fans like me.
I respect haze and you all donĀ“t!

Just be patient. You really would rather he hadn’t submitted the driver at all until the next version is ready? That particular game had a lot of shit surrounding it, so you’re lucky to be getting it at all. Be disappointed about having to wait all you want but don’t be a dick about it.

Check again. I see it on abem right now

I give up. Bye.

Hi Haze,

here for you a tiny logo update…

Preview :

real size :

Contact me on neosource for the original PSD

best regards,

NOTE: thanks for your awesome work on PGM and for latest clones added to MAME !!!

sorry wrong link for real size… Here’s the right one :


Best regards,

Thanks for the heads up, Evolution. Got it.

As already mentioned this build is before WF-0 went in.

Thank you so much for this build Haze. You’re the best! :)

There was a regression Battletoads from 152 to 153. Right after you select a character, the graphics got blowed up.


153 and latest SVN:

indeed, it’s in direct conflict with the code needed to fix sprites dropping in from the top of the screen on Little Robin and MegaPhoenix.


You can easily see the problem in the Little Robin attract when the bonus smiley drop down, or in the 2nd/3rd stages of Megaphoenix if one of the birds goes off the bottom of the screen and swoops down to the top (and also the bullets in MegaPhoenix when they leave the top of the screen)

I was inclined to think the simpler code is more correct, but clearly now we have something in direct conflict with that it is unclear what the solution is, reverting the change will reintroduce issues in the other 2 games (which is confirmed not to happen on the hardware)

It seems to cause further problems later ingame with Battletoads too..

I’ve made a change that (fingers crossed) deals with both, although it would be good to know if there are any new issues later in Battle Toads with the new change.

Thanks for looking into this. I’ll play through Battletoads with the latest and check it out.


akai katana was released in 2010. we are in 2014 now, why not release the dump?
it’s just a question, no disrespect there

it’s not up to me.

okay, thanks for answering.

and thank you for your amazing work.

I love UME…
I don’t understand why it can’t becomes the main project variant…

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