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September 13, 2014 Haze Categories: General News. 3 Comments on NMK004 emulation

As of SVN revision 32100 NMK004 sound simulation has been replaced by emulation.

I can write more later, but for now the best place you can read up on the work that has been done is trap15’s blog posts. (I only helped hook his dump up in MAME)

Part 1: http://daifukkat.su/blog/archives/2014/09/05/nmk004_rom_dumping_progress/
Part 2: http://daifukkat.su/blog/archives/2014/09/07/nmk004_rom_dumping_part_2/
Part 3: http://daifukkat.su/blog/archives/2014/09/09/nmk004_rom_dumping_part_3_the_previous/
Part 4: http://daifukkat.su/blog/archives/2014/09/12/nmk004_rom_dumping_part_4_the_newer/
Part 5: http://daifukkat.su/blog/archives/2014/09/13/nmk004_rom_dumping_part_5_the_release/


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Are you and trap15 still working on nmk16.c? I don’t want to step on your work, but I’d like to replace all the memcpy crap still remaining in the driver with proper modern banking.

Giving the OKI a memory map etc. was on my todo list.

I would really appreciate extra research into the bioship issue tho, the NMI kick (x0016 on the 68k) is verified as the only way to generate an NMI, so I guess the values it gives the internal timers vs. the frequency at which the 68k kicks it need studying closely. Every other game kicks it basically every frame, looks like they went with some absolute last millisecond system on that one tho.

Man! what a great write-up and progress.

If every game had a write-up on all the developement/dumping processes, I’d probably be reading more than I would be playing :)

Nice work to all involved and I
really appreciate this progress :)

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