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October 17, 2015 Haze Categories: General News. 4 Comments on A strange request (CPC Dripzone, 128k version)

When I had an Amstrad CPC back in the day one piece of software I owned was a game called ‘Dripzone’

It’s fairly easy to find this game online, for example there is a copy at CPC Power, and there are copies in the Tosec, GoodCPC and Non-GoodCPC collections, most of which have found their way into the MAME/MESS Software List.


the copy of the game I had came free with the Dk’Tronics memory expansion for my 464, and was an extended version of the game with some sampled speech. From memory it only worked on a 464 with the memory expansion AFTER loading the ‘bank.bas’ program from the tape/disk supplied with the unit, it did not play speech on a 6128 etc.

I’m pretty sure none of the copies online are that version as they all say ’64k version’ if you load the “drip.bas” program and list it (if I’m wrong please correct me)

So does anybody still have the extended version? My CPC stuff is long gone, but it would be nice to see that version again for nostalgia purposes; I can’t even find *reference* to that version online.


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Sorry mate, no one seems to be replying to you, I was a ZX Speccy then an Amiga man, so never had a CPC.

Something completly different: have there been any changes to the Lode Runner driver lately ? I haven’t played it for a while but now the timing seems odd (sound and sprites are rather… patchy ?).

the system requirements for the Irem games of that era are now a 3ghz+ i5/i7 because the Analog drums are emulated, not all games use them, but the hardware is present on the boards so we do emulate it. If you don’t have a system of the required specification they will run at <100% so appear slow and have even worse sound.

I did some videos to demonstrate this earlier
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v717E7FVuPo (Horizon)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9-0BmTWpXE (Kid Niki)
Spelunker also has some nice extra drums too.

Thanks Haze, that explains it. My i5 2.8ghz is not quite up-to-date then…

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