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November 21, 2013 Haze Categories: General News. 72 Comments on As 2013 draws to a close…

At the end of last year / start of this year I did an article covering many of the noteworthy (and some less noteworthy) advances in MAME (& MESS) during 2012. I ended up not publishing that until the end of January because it took so long to research and write, so I figure it might be a good idea if I get started early if I want to do one for 2013 too.

We’ve just over a month of this year remaining, so I’m starting to go through builds, changelists, previous build summary updates here etc. to pick out my personal highlights from the year. In addition to this I’m looking at some of the disappointments and potential we’ve both fulfilled and introduced over the course of the year. If you’ve read the 2012 article you’ll know the general angle I’m aiming for.

So.. I’m leaving this post here for people to submit their own thoughts. I’m especially interested in things in the MESS section of the project; areas where people think there have been worthwhile improvements that might have missed my usual summary posts (as I’ve said many times I’m not 100% familiar with many of the systems which means sometimes the progress doesn’t get the coverage it deserves) but of course I’m also interested in knowing what people think of the MAME progress made over the last year, it will help when it comes to organizing the different sections of the yearly summary.

Obviously there are some areas people might consider disappointing. Raiden 2 etc. still not being emulated is obviously going to still be a big deal for some people and from a personal viewpoint not being able to find a decent enough chunk of time to look at and improve the Fruit Machines / artwork system is a significant one, because I think they have an important role to play in MAME’s future. I do ask however that for now people try and concentrate on the positives, I don’t want a comments section full of ‘you should have done this’ I want comments that will help with building the 2013 write-up article. Progress I’ve managed to overlook / failed to highlight in other updates here would be very useful!

The period I’m interested in is anything after 0.148, so progress made after 11 Jan 2013 (everything prior to that point was covered in the previous article, even if some of that was technically work done in 2013) Releases in the period I’m looking at are 0.148u1,u2,u3,u4,u5 0.149, 0.149u1, 0.150, 0.151 and the current progress towards 0.152. Due to the slower release pace that’s not as many releases as the previous period, but many of them are larger in terms of the changelists.

Has the work done in MAME/MESS made a difference to you this year? Have you been impressed? Surprised? Let me know!

(and no, I don’t have the Christmas decorations up yet)


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On the MAME side, Phil B. recent Konami sound improvements stand out for me.

can you give some examples of where things sound better? I saw he’d improved timers etc. and removed a lot of hacks from Konami GX (which is always good, although I did have to report to him that Soccer Superstars now reports a lot of ROM/RAM as bad, like it did without the hacks before)

Just compare winspike pre and post fix. You’ll notice now the music works, while before it started only after inserting a coin.
Being a volleyballer, I love that game, so every improvement counts, even if not as dramatic as when the “half field missing” bug was fixed.

Slotification of NES, GB, SNES (carts with add-on chips like Star Fox or Super Mario Kart don’t require seperate drivers like snesfx), and Genesis (the really cool tricks with Sonic & Knuckles, to my knowledge the only emulator that correctly handles it). I think the SEGA Master Systems expansion slot was also slotified.

Lots of improvement in the PSX driver with slots for dual shock and analog controllers. Most importantly, Castlevania Symphony of the Night is now 100% playable (with one very minor graphical glitch).

The HTTP server was also added!

On the Mame side of development progress this year three things that stood out for me…

1) the recent PGM work that finally allowed the Gladiator and puzzili 2 to be playable

2) The protection decryption for the deco games
which helped to make double wings playable and
fighters history to not crash on the final levels

3) Cool Riders Finally Emulated in Mame

For me it has to be the number of super rare games that keep popping up! Must be a recorded year I would of thought.

I can only live in hope the only one i can remember from my past will appear Mole Hunter by Data East.

As for the technical under the hood stuff, i know very little, but quite a few long term bugs are going. This is always nice.

A shame, but seeing as it’s a very specialise knowledge needed, that discrete sound emulation hasn`t moved much this year, but all things come to people who wait. No rush, as and when.

A big thank you from a donator of the only thing i can do for this worthy project.


1) MAME/MESS made a difference?

2) Only 50% because the games i like to have a chance to dream, still not playable yet, and released yet. (Neo Geo Protos, One Kaneco Game is GPII =/, ST-V Games, Hyper Neogeo 64, Aleck64 and Konami Viper.)

3) Surprised? Yes! Only PGM.

4) In the Future: Chihiro, Triforce, Model 2 ending, Supermodel 3 games working off from MAME.

suprised yes specially demon front before, i lost Espoire to find this game but with haze arcade games saved thanks for him very much

in the future :

virtua stikers series
hyper neogeo
crusin exotica

Virtua Striker 4 only and a few from Bart. The rest you can play fine 100%.

This is NOT meant to be a post for people to put requests, it’s meant to be about work done in the last year. Please stay on topic or I *will* start deleting posts.

1.You & Chales’s Dataeast clean-up
2.lots of sega & capcom clones & revisions

I follow mostly MAME, but here are the things that stick out as far as I’m concerned:

Rare Protos:
3 on 3 Dunk Madness
Rise of the Robots
Bubble Bobble II (Ver 0.0J)

Ultra Rare or Unknown:
Planet Probe

Unusual Clones:
P-47 – The Freedom Fighter (Japan, Export)
Shanghai 3 (US)

Major updates / breakthroughs:
Cool Riders
Deco Protection
Turret Tower
SunA 8 protection (Sparkman, Brick Zone & Star Fighter)

All the protos from Unigame (maybe Aaargh! is still coming ;-) and I know a few gems in the wings of the DU to be announced and or dumped in the “nearish” future.

A fair bit of what you mention is actually from 2012 or the first week of 2013 (yes, it’s really been that long already!)

Grasspin, Planet Probe, 3-on-3 Dunk Madness, Suna 8 work, it’s all over a year old now amazingly. Rise of the Robots I’ll give you, was early Jan, but I did cover it in the previous article too.

But yeah, there is that one proto that was found in Australia I believe is still to come from the DU members, running on a driver I’m rather familiar with after doing a bunch of protection work there ;-)

Aaargh! will get done, probably in the new year, Rockford seems to be remaining illusive however. We’re also still trying to come to an arrangement for shipping out one of the Megaphoenix boards from Spain for dumping (probably the dead one, so fingers crossed it can be repaired and/or the ROMs are good) That stuff will likely end up making the 2014 update not the 2013 one tho ;-)

In terms of interesting clones I look forward to seeing the Wivern Wings dumped, simply because it’s the original version :-) (I’ve heard rumours it had different sound, but that might be a later version instead if they were called up on how much like certain popular songs some of the music sounded like)

+1 for the Data East protection work.

For me is not a request, is a “Dream”.


I looked at your pages for this year to remind me. Very nice summary pages.

The best things are :

14. Night Raid
13. Brixian
12. Cool Riders
11. Gumpey
10. Popo Bears
9. Stadium Hero 96
8. Desert Dan
7. Stunt Air
6. Panic Road
5. Double Wings
4. Puzzli 2
3. Road of the Sword
2. Turret Tower

You will hate me but my top # favorite was 1. DoDonpachi Daifukkatsu in the Emu CR UME 151. It also showed me how good MESS emulation is. I ignored your UME until then but now I realise it’s a marvel. I can play Raiden dx in a MAME emulator using UME 151.

11 out of 14 your work Haze. It should be renamed Haze Arcade Emulator.

Can you fix sound lag in Cool Riders and graphic in Gumpey?

to be fair..

14) Night Raid – mostly smf’s PSX fixes
13) Brixian – I worked on this with Zab who ran the HW tests for me
12) Cool Riders – I worked on this for Kale who got the game code running while I took care of most of the graphics. Sound might need to be handled by RB since you asked, nobody else is really familiar with those chps.
11) Gunpey – Again worked on with Kale who got the game code running, I sorted out most of the gfx but the remainder are compressed, needs an expert in that field.
10) Popo Bears- I finished off an old driver from Kale and brought it up to working state.
9) Stadium Hero 96 – Mostly my work in the end, but the original old MLC driver was from Bryan.
8) Desert Dan – mostly Mariusz Wojcieszek, although I fixed some issues.
7) Stunt Air – yeah, did this from scratch basically
6) Panic Road – I fixed the collisions in an older driver from Dox IIRC.
5) Double Wings – Charles ran the HW tests (his trojans) I did the implementation as well as the original driver.
4) Puzzli 2 – rtw ran the HW tests for me, my trojans.
3) Road of Sword (The Gladiator) – rtw ran the HW tests for me, my trojans.
2) Turret Tower – mostly Phil B, smf fixed some IDE stuff for it.
1) DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu – not actually in MAME, but yeah, Cave SH3 was originally Luca’s driver but heavily optimized and improved by MetalliC and myself.

So I can’t take all the credit, most of the time I’ve been working with other people, or built on older work that had been abandoned so yes, while I have been involved in 12 of the 14 you list many of them simply wouldn’t have been possible without the people I worked with, or who had submitted their unfinished work as non-working drivers in the past.

in the future gaelco games:
aligator hunt (parent version not clone)
snow board championship
target hits
th strikes back
toach & go
world rally 2: twin racing

I repeat what I posted above

“This is NOT meant to be a post for people to put requests, it’s meant to be about work done in the last year. Please stay on topic or I *will* start deleting posts.”

your post will be deleted in the next 24 hours.

If you had kept the question simple, instead of banging on for 5+ paragraphs, people would of read the whole post and not posted requests.

Anyway, i am not going to kiss your arse…

My highlight of 2013 is getting rid of the stupid “u” MAME releases.

I despair when people think that 5 paragraphs is too much, we weren’t put on this planet to communicate like robots, I like my posts to be expressive at least!

Anyway, yes, dropping the u releases is worth a mention, they served their purpose but once the development pace had slowed to the point where it was 2 months between u releases and there was no discernible difference in quality between a u release and a regular release then yes, I’d say they’d outlived their purpose and it was time for the project to move on.

The original point of them was to make sure the public got a code drop on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly) so the public SVN move made last year basically signed their death warrant because at that point the public had access to the latest code anyway. The u builds were only ever delivered as code not official binaries so it was only a matter of time.

In the end it is only a branding change tho, what would have been a u release now gets released as a full release so it’s not really progress as such, but does communicate better the idea that we don’t consider those code points any more or less stable than a regular release, and the message we convey is important.

Also I’m not asking people to kiss my arse, I’m more interested in hearing about progress that slipped under the radar so I can better cover it, although some of the comments do seem to have turned into that. They have reminded me I did completely forget to cover Turret Tower for the previous release tho.

I second Zillion’s post. The work on the console side of things has helped make UME my go-to emulator for nearly everything. Yeah, there’s that MAME-is-MAME kinda junk that forces me to keep other emulators around (high resolution in PSX emulators, 16-bit console ROMs that don’t run on a real console, etc), but either way, the progress is really substantial — especially with softlists and cheats working so much better now.

On the not so good side, PC Engine got punched in the balls this year. It’ll be fine when I’m able to rebuild my PC, but I really shouldn’t be counting on a 4GHz+ CPU to run a console that can barely call itself 16-bit.

Maybe my question isn’t in the right place , but i would like to know what’s the status with the namco system 10?

encryption not fully understood afaik. *edit* yeah, encryption, it expects code it reads from rom and copies to ram to be decrypted using a key it provides and an unknown algorithm.

I am very excited to see that Golden Tee Fore! has been added to MAME. Although not playable yet, this has to be a step in the right direction. Great overall job with the continuous updates.

year of H.A.Z.E. ! (:

I remember PGM improvement, Eolith hidden catch 2000, DECO104 emulations.
Gunpey, Night raid, Thunder dragon 2, Stadium hero 96 improvement was also impressived.
Thank you, Haze :)

Second me Blitter delay fo UME is the your most great work of this year Haze.Improve recent cave games emulation also with my old old 1.6 Ghz pc.

with recent update, what is the minimum amount of RAM needed to play cavesh3 games ?

I wouldn’t say I’d done any more or any less this year than any other year….

This isn’t a post about cavesh3 games, those aren’t even in MAME.

I don’t even have the exact source code to the builds you’re talking about.

Again, I ask people to keep things on topic

I’m not trying to bait you, but I have a request, even if it isn’t necessarily positive, that you give a quick status update for some stalled common requests. A name mention and a quick blurb about what is holding up each project.

Sometimes it is nice to know that, even if progress isn’t being made, that a game hasn’t been forgotten. And though extremely unlikely, maybe someone has or knows something that could actually help one of those projects, and simply doesn’t know that the help is needed.

If you don’t want “wishlists” to overpower the rest of the post, then make it a (short) separate article.

Very little has changed for any of them. It is something I’ll cover in the writeup, but for a lot of the difficult (and commonly mentioned) cases there’s barely been a finger lifted over the year, everybody with an interest in them has hit a brick wall with no desire to push any harder, or is waiting on actual hardware tests.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been progress on difficult hardware, Phil B is consistently good at that, Turret Tower is unique and interesting, plus these PGM games I’ve been working on have been a bit of a nightmare (especially Puzzli 2!) but for the commonly mentioned ones there’s really no change, and no new solutions. Luca who has always been good figuring out difficult but obscure problems has barely been active this year, the only post on his site is the addition of that 3 screen Poka Poka Satan and that ran in an existing driver with no major hurdles.

I think ‘The Gladiator’ is probably the single game emulated this year which has been subject to regular ‘when will this be emulated??’ requests in the past, although that’s not to surprising when you have reviews ( http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=9093601 ) opening with “It deserves special mention because it was the best game published by IGS and was easily one of the greatest brawling games ever made. If I had to rank it among all of the brawling games ever released I would say it was in the top 10 of all-time. I would go further and say that it belonged in the top 5. After that it would be a matter of opinion. I would actually rank it in the top 3 for its designs, control, animation, characters, originality and execution.” I guess you could say Double Wings was often requested too, but I think that was simply one person requesting it with great frequency.

Can you please make the source code for the new Cave driver available? I don’t even care about binaries. There are so many shady ass builds floating around, and it’d be much nicer if we could compile from a trusted source.

I’ve decided not to bother doing that due to the leaked builds, I don’t even have the full source to whatever mods went into those (I think they’ve hacked in a binary decoder from somewhere else for speed)

Also, see above, this post has nothing to do with cave stuff. Please refrain from talking about it here.

Data East protection emulation was very important for me (and I thank You for that), I hope in future will be some progress in some Taito and Nichibutsu games. Also big improvements in PGM system and NMK drivers are really welcome.

Also some old 8bit games like Planet Probe
Graspin was suprise for me and I’m ver happy to see them.

Improvements in sun driver was also nice but I must say most of of those games are rather bad.

As for cave sh3 – there some new games out there that at least could be documented on your article about cave sh3 driver. system16 recently updated article about cave sh3 a bit.

Don’t tell people to not talk about the stuff they actually want to talk about.

This IS on topic, actually. You wanted to talk about how we felt about the work on MAME this year. Well, your work on the Cave driver is part of the work that was done on MAME this year. Why would not release the files you already have just because someone leaked a shitty build? How does that make ANY sense whatsoever?

I guess I’m just going to have to add the new games myself and release the source code for that. Thanks for wasting my time pointlessly on what you’ve ALREADY DONE.

If you just track down the ROMs yourself then you can write your own source. That’s what I did. Had to fumble through the debugger for one of the speed-ups since it was my first time using it, though. :)

We’re getting off-topic again. Haze has been pretty patient, so far.

For me, this year was good because of so many prototypes being added even if they turn out to be crappy versions. I can’t explain to you why I love prototypes but I do. Double Wings being completed was excellent and I’ll be checking out The Gladiator. Shooters, beat ’em-ups and platformers are my favorites and just about all I have in my build. Most everything else was removed with few exceptions.

Absolutely! The improvements Automat (bootleg of Robocop).
I love this version of Robocop. Slight changes in gameplay and different music. Thank you Haze. I don´t understand because in MAME this game is mark as “NOT PLAYABLE” only left ajust times in game and playing music.

I Dedicated to David Haywood´s (HAZE) one youtube video of my pcb ;)


I hope that Haze solve the little issues for this game are completely emulated.

I know I can just add the games to the driver myself, but Haze has actually made some improvements to the driver overall that would be really nice to have.

Can you share the information for the speedups so the rest of us don’t have to waste a bunch of time on it? It’d be much appreciated.

You people need to understand about the Cave SH3. Cave CO., LTD request those to be removed from MAME long ago. They do not want to be hurt on the sales from the iPad and other systems that have their games on. Today some of those games still be sold. Sales must died first before adding those back in MAME. Deathsmiles, Espgaluda II and more.

Oh by the way. If they see one more game or more on the MAME list then they might have those drivers pulled as well.

Namco is still reselling Pacman. Would MAMEdev remove that from MAME if Namco requested it? The line has to be drawn somewhere. MAME can’t just be at the mercy of these clueless companies.

It’s a crock of shit. Removing the Cave games in the first place was a huge mistake. If developers don’t want their games emulated, they can try using hardware that isn’t as archaic as fuck. MAME won’t emulate any games on any modern platform for decades. The only reason “new” games were ever in MAME was because cheap and greedy companies kept pumping out turds on 10 year old hardware. Neo Geo and CPS2 should have been retired years before they actually were.

The reality of the situation is that there are hundreds of MAME binaries out there that already play all of these games anyway, and anyone who’s going to give Cave money is going to give Cave money regardless of its status in MAME.

All you’re doing by hoarding the source™ is pissing a lot of people off for no reason.

A bunch of time? From start to finish, it took maybe a half hour to figure out and I’m not even a programmer. I just used the source that is available as a reference.

As stated, I don’t even have the sources to the UME 151 version, it’s got some nasty hacks in there.

If I release what I have everybody will just moan it runs much slower than that build anyway, because whatever they did to make it fast I don’t have.

So it’s pointless, and it is off topic, because none of it has been added to MAME this year. I’m talking about official progress only with this article.

As mentioned previously, Grasspin, Planet Probe, Suna etc. were all 2012 progress, already covered in the 2012 article ;-)

well your answer is still no.

They’ll probably be officially readded eventually. You just have to be patient if you’re not willing to do the work yourself. Some of those revisions are dated 2008. I don’t know what the cut-off is but you have the choice to wait, enjoy the “leaked” build or add them yourself. It’s really not as bad as you’re making it out to be.

You might think it’s easy for me to say because I took the initiative and put them in. It’s not a personal thing, though. You said you can add the games to the driver yourself, so do it. Those improvements you mentioned before that you said Haze added might not have even been made by him if you’re talking about the slowpoke stuff. As far as I know, only one person has that code and he’s not sharing it. It’s not even that big a deal. I imagine that code isn’t in the official build for a reason.

Nobody is trying to antagonize you. Throwing a fit about it will make it worse, though. I’ve seen Belmont and a couple of others say the best way to make sure something doesn’t get added is to pester MAMEDev about it.

Top 3 ?… then what’s #1 & 2 ?
i’m just curious (;

nevermind… i thought it’s your Top 3

Reply to beefheart: Namco is still reselling Pacman. Would MAMEdev remove that from MAME if Namco requested it?

Yes they will removed it after been requested by Namco.

That mean MAME Dev Team have to pull the drivers from MAME until those new machines died out from the Namco sellers.

Just hope those SNK people don’t requested those NeoGeo drivers get pull from MAME. Those being re-sold as well by NeoGeo X.

Anyway everyone have to respect any of the gaming companies. :)

NeoGeo X is getting discontinued.

That’s completely fucking stupid, because every company who owns the copyright to every game could resell it on PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam and send a letter to MAMEdev telling them to remove it.

So MAME would just roll over and die if every company requested that all games be removed?

Fucking. Stupid.

yes, I believe if a copyright holder asked for something to be removed it would be removed.

nobody is asking.

now stop posting this crap and get back on topic, any further posts on the matter will be removed / marked as spam.

yeah, SNK realized it was just a cheap, piss-poor quality stock design Chinese SoC based handheld in a custom branded case running pirated emulators (FBA etc.) and doing far more damage to their brand than good. As far as something that runs NeoGeo goes it was unsuited in every way, it was wide-screen with a useless resolution for emulation FFS.

Well Pop Bear was a pleasant surprise for me at least, don’t know if this is the “best” MAME news of the year but still.

Of course i cannot hide my happiness with DDPDF and Deathsmiles emulation. With the classic Cave drivers drama llama i understand that this can be a controversy but what can i say, “it is done”, there is no turning back.

Also news dumps of CPS1 games was also cool, specially the “probably last version” of Street Fighter II: The World Warriors.

I’ve asked Micko.

The current Cave driver will be submitted in the new year so they’ll become the first change of 2014 I guess. If I cover them in this article or the year after will come down to when I manage to finish writing it and decide a cut-off point. Last time it was the first release of 2013 because it contained a lot of work from 2012.

It will be slower than the hacked up UME builds, because I don’t have whatever was hacked into them (and I doubt it would be suitable anyway)

“It will be slower than the hacked up UME builds, because I don’t have whatever was hacked into them (and I doubt it would be suitable anyway)”
I am playing here (leaked/withdrawn) official build of MAME 0.144 (0.143u9)with cavesh3.c driver included and the games have no visible slowdowns ?! I’ve tested Deathsmiles, Muchi Muchi Pork!, Puzzle! Mushihime-Tama, Espgaluda II.
Puzzle! Mushihime-Tama is 100% perfect, the others need better sound emulation – no big deal.
My specs :
– Win 7 64 bit
– i7 930
– ATI 5870

Great news

Here is some article about cave games

corei7 ?! That a lot of power. Most people playing on older Core2Duo processros and for most part it’s 100% but there are some moments when it drops close to 90%

The drivers are performance-intensive, there’s no denying it. Us guys at Shmups Forums have been thoroughly putting CV1000-related builds to the test since the whole controversy started.
Thanks for bringing the issue up and getting it through Haze – having the official driver out in the open is the best way forward for it and for the whole thing to finally blow over. People who want to improve on the driver without hacking into areas they shouldn’t or use old code from 2011 will soon have the opportunity to do so.

I think this has been a great year. The fact that further increase the number of playable games is very good. I loved that it can play a PoPo Bear, Rise of the Robots, Starblade, Arcadia (NMK), but above all things, I was waiting a long time to play Puzzli 2 and Super Puzzli 2 finally this year could emulate perfection.
Thanks for another year working Haze, ever change. Greetings.


I’m pretty disappointed that this long standing bug is still in MAME. MAME’s Neogeo driver is so close. It’d be nice to fix the few real remaining problems. That would actually be progress–not slot emulation that doesn’t even really matter.

By the way, triple buffering/vsync has nothing to do with this problem. The guy who posted that on MAMETesters is full of shit.

I actually wonder if it’s a bug in the game.

It doesn’t ALWAYS happen.. (although most of the time it does) The first time I just tested I got perfectly smooth backgrounds, the 2nd,3rd and 4th it was wrong..

Maybe the difference in MAME is just some very slight timing thing that makes it happen more often in MAME, rather than occasionally on a PCB or something. Either way it’s not as obvious as some cases.

probably should have made a save state at the point where it was working for comparison, to see how things were different, but forgot ;-)

Hi Haze,

My friend has a Garou cart. It never happens on the real hardware.

It does seem to be a slight timing thing, because as that one comment on MAME Testers indicates, if you overclock the CPU to 130%, you can see the screen jitter erratically for a couple of frames, and then after that point, if you downclock it, it displays smoothly.

Also, before the Neogeo rewrite, it always worked fine in MAME. It also always works smoothly in Nebula.

FYI: I’ve never seen it display properly on my machines in MAME after the Neogeo rewrite, and I’ve played it in MAME quite a bit.

definitely does work sometimes in MAME.. I was ready to tell you that it already seems fixed after the first time I ran it, but then on further runs saw the exact same issue.

Just out of curiosity, when you test it, are you turning off throttling to get there faster?

I think that turning throttling on and off might actually “fix” it in certain cases.

If I try it without unthrottling, it never displays correctly. I must have tried it 20 times.

there’s nothing in the NeoGeo’s video update function that should change the driver state, so throttling / frameskipping shouldn’t change a thing unless MAME is horribly broken at core level (seems unlikely, something that critical would be showing up in many more places)

Rapid Hero no longer sounds like a 5 year old got hold of the function buttons on a MIDI synthesizer!

Other stuff that I personally like:
– IIRC there’s been some improvements to the Seibu SPI sound driver this year, always a good thing
– Thunder Dragon 2 graphical fixes
– Midnight Landing, Fighter’s History and Double Wings now work
– Vector HLSL, if you’re into that sort of thing (last i checked it was broken, but hey, at least we got it working for a couple releases)
– Toggle shifter support for Out Run etc, this won’t personally affect most people but I noticed some people on BYOAC were raving about it

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