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November 27, 2014 Haze Categories: General News. 6 Comments on Cute!

When system11 picked up Super Duck he also picked up an undumped SemiCom game, Cute Fighter.

Cute Fighter is often listed as the world release of SD Fighters, but it was obvious from the pictures of the board that it was something more. SD Fighters runs on an older 68000 based SemiCom platform, the Cute Fighter board was a 68020 based board, the same as Dream World and Rolling Crush.

Emulation followed the usual steps for a SemiCom game with the protection data extracted etc. giving us the following screens.

Cute Fighter Cute Fighter
Cute Fighter Cute Fighter
Cute Fighter Cute Fighter
Cute Fighter Cute Fighter
Cute Fighter Cute Fighter
Cute Fighter Cute Fighter

As you can see, there are more characters than SD Fighters, and the stages are different. The game is clearly intended as a sequel rather than simply a clone/ alt release. Unfortunately the sound has really suffered, and feels unfinshed, one of the M6295 chips seems to be only used for female hit sounds, and the game doesn’t even play sounds for the round announcements etc. The 68020 hardware also lacks the YM2151 of the older hardware so all the music is simply looped samples. The game also appears to lack any kind of scoring system, unusual for an arcade game.


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nice well we hope you trying to begin with hyperneogeo64

I think the lack of the scoring system is due to this game appears to be a redemption game with tickets being paid out. The amount of tickets can be adjusted in the dipswitch settings.

Also what is claimed to be the Demo Sound switch doesn’t seem to have any effect. Just a FYI

Plenty of the CPS2 games have ticket payout too, but that didn’t stop Capcom putting a score system in.. This just feels like it was released half finished.

also,did you verify the other dips do as they claim,SemiCom was terrible for leaving test modes from other games in newer ones, it might be the test mode there is from an actual redemption game..

After a poor shit mame released yesterday.

I love reading about early Korean games, and am especially happy to hear when they’ve been preserved. These goofy arcade titles in particular are rare treats. Thank you.

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