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January 23, 2015 Haze Categories: General News. 46 Comments on More Model 3

There were 3 other Model 3 games with encrypted graphics, Metallic found the keys for those, and the graphics have now been decrypted.

Note, not all of these run well in MAME for other reasons.

LA Machineguns had an encrypted title screen and encrypted HUD graphics. The game still runs in slow motion in MAME tho (even if you were to speed it up to 100%) I guess interrupt issues or similar.

La Machine Gun La Machine Gun
La Machine Gun La Machine Gun
La Machine Gun La Machine Gun

Virtual On 2 had various encrypted 2D graphics (insert coin text, player / enemy status during gameplay, various target graphics) MAME still has issues with bad textures on the robots due to missing features of the 3D emulation (not encryption related) Also controls aren’t set up correctly afaik.

Virtual On 2 Virtual On 2
Virtual On 2 Virtual On 2

Magical Truck Adventure also had encrypted 2D graphics for insert coin etc. and some ingame status graphics. There are still some game logic bugs in MAME (it seems impossible to avoid obstacles even if you select the right direction and the controls aren’t fully mapped) Also it glitches out and loses 3D graphics if you leave it in attract mode for long enough (see last shot) probably a CPU core bug.

Magical Truck Adventure Magical Truck Adventure
Magical Truck Adventure Magical Truck Adventure
Magical Truck Adventure Magical Truck Adventure
Magical Truck Adventure


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Haze a question.
Mame will promisse a Model2.c and a Model3.c running emulation speed to 100%?
Thanks and nice work, as well to Metallic.

no, we promise nothing.

So that means mame don´t have the guts to be 100% stable.

Hi Haze,

This is my first comment but I’ve been following your posts for quite some time. I just wanted to say refreshing your URL over the last few days brought me back to the days of CPS2 decryption. Also I love LA Machineguns, I’ve played it on the arcade some weeks ago and this is like a gift :)


it will be ready in 2006 if you can wait that long ;)

also top work haze :) the stv games working correctly is fantastic!

if anyone needs a side by side comparisons with mame and an stv board (and any other boards i own for that matter) i have quite a few games and 2 identical cabinets next to each other one with mame and the other with jamma. most of the time mame is spot on ;)

Joe – When you can contribute to MAME in a helpful way, come back. Until then, stop trolling. It’s omments like yours that make MAME DEVs go away.

Thanks for updating the news Haze!

Great work guys, all of you rocks! :3

You guys rock! So many good news in so little time, almost gave me a heart attack.

Jeremy – Trolling for a emulator don´t have any experience to emulate 100% 3D Games… oh well… i’m trolling now… wierdo!
How i cannot contribute if MAME devs don´t want your stinky money too.
I preffer to see them go away, because better devs are videogamer devs from STEAM!

Awsome work Haze thats all i have to say about it.

Joe, MAME has thousands of video games that still need tweaks here and there to be close to 100%. The 3D type of games are a little more difficult to get working on a computer, let alone stabilize.

By telling Haze that he doesn’t have the guts to get MAME to your “standards” is downright disrespectful; and might dissuade him and other devs from working on games if they are going to get this type of treatment from people like you.

It’s really cool to see advances like these still going on in mame. Thanks to all involved!

I don’t think it’s in the same category as the good ole cps2 days, not enough drama ;)
And since we’re talking about the good ole days… I think Joe is waiting for reirom to release emuallsystems.

Kudos to metallic! Anyway, are MAME codings for Model 3 Emulation are going to be moved to Supermodel when Bart and Nik were back from hiatus?

i prefer sega model 3 on mame why? you can play games on HSLS(scalines;crt monitor) that makes games realistic at the same time dont forget systemto emulate hyper neogeo 64 because kale working very slow not like you ^^

hmm… I had my doubts… but now I’m convinced. This guy (Joe) is a kid ! No more than 16 years old. And a simple and dumb one. Those comments can’t just be from an adult….

Good Job Haze! Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep up your great work!

Hey SuperModel fans, DDoSing mamedev.org will not resurrect SuperModel any faster. Trust me, Bart doesn’t think that’s cool.

Thanks again to Haze, Andreas Naive, Metallic and the otther guys for your amazing work. Reading Guru’s list I see Triforce games have a 315-5881 chip too. Will this help to make Triforce games work in MAME and/or Dolphin? (If I remember well only two games work in Dolphin: VS2002 and Mario Kart GP 2.)

Same question applies to Chihiro. According to Guru’s list games belonging to this system have 315-5881 PIC too.

Hey Mike nothing is disrespectfull, i told to everyone and i continue to mais that happens. MAME shuld be working 100% games are already fixed, and been working nos for everyone, because i know people in my country have arcade machines and they havê the knowledge to mais the games in mame working 100%. Some secrect codes are índice those games are already Dorking and they distribute mame game as not working. You dont belive, bit i saw a CPU computer emulates games Mike mortal kombat 2 and etc on mame and a few games like virtual tennis 4 working 100% running on mame, you read it well on mame. Dont vive me any excusses because this companies have those codes to release the games more earlier. That is the solution to geteasy money posting ilegal fake arcades using a normal computer to play in atores. Without any certificated on the arcade. The games you saw on YouTube are not 100% emulated you should know they are recording the game on mame slow. Send it by Android.

I’m not aware of any Triforce or Chihiro games using the 5881, anything GD-ROM based uses a PIC providing a DES key, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest the ROM based Triforce games use this specific chip either.

Ok. Maybe someone owning a PCB belonging to one of these systems can check. According to the list these games have 315-5881 keys too showing numbers not listed in 315-5881_helper.c

Guru’s list

Joe, if you believe MAME Devs make games work for just them and their friends, and screw over everyone else… you might have some trusting problems. Have you ever seen a video that was later known to be fake? I’m pretty sure you can pull up a game that is not working in MAME and find a youtube video of it ‘xXxworking 100% legit download nowxXx’. Not everything you see on the internet is real or out to get you, especially youtube videos……

MAME has more than enough games that work well, I don’t think you should let a few games that don’t work yet/well rustle your jimmies. Find another way to enjoy the video games you can play.

Great work like always guys, Haze you never disappoint, I saw the LA Machineguns screens and cheered to bad its slow as molasses dude, to bad but i know you won’t give in so easy.

Hope to see these games running someday in MAME smooth and fast just like the arcade, I got faith and really do appreciate everything you and the rest of the emulation team has done for many, many years for the MAME world, Thank you all so much and please keep up the great work.


Although this is great news and I congratulate all involved for their hard work! I’m actually more interested in recent work on the osd code..
Is this a move to standardise the behaviour of the SDL and Windows code, or is it a move to modernise the code and make it more efficient?
I think it has been implied before in the comments section of one of your posts last year that the osd is one of the older areas of mame and could do with looking at.
I’m certainly in favour of changes that benefit a large part of the project as a whole.

Fantastic work! Thanks a lot for this update! :)

Some ohters mame/mess achievement: http://rbelmont.mameworld.info/?p=975

i remember metal slug 6 runs 100% on mame last year but dev team not release yet if metal slug 6 runs 100% means ps1 and ps2 runs fine .my guess

“I preffer to see them go away, because better devs are videogamer devs from STEAM!”

then go playing your freakign STEAM games and don’t bother come here.not only you did exactly ZERO to contribute to mame,but you even have the nerve to ask for 100% speed emulation on model 2 and 3 and even saying that mame is not stable because it won’t run the games the speed you want them to be?absurd.and paradoxal.just like you

I’d love to see this 100% speed build for Metal Slug 6 etc. because I’m not sure how we can achieve such things without some severe compromises right now. Some people are definitely on the crackpipe..

This is a big step…ESPECIALLY in Sega Model 3’s emulation status. Well done!

Hi Haze,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your fantastic work and contribution to Mame/ emulation over the years. I have been following your work for a while and it continually amazes me.

I hope the idiots and trolls who write to you on your site and generally hang around / cause mischief in the emulation sites do not interfere with your motivation to contribute to the emulation scene in the way you have. Know that for every 1 of those kids/adults with personality disorders who cause trouble, there are 1000 other people who deeply respect, appreciate and are in awe of your work!!

All the best,


Some of the comments to this article are like a gold-mine for Mame memes.

Mame memes….hmm…

What mark said

Incredibly awesome that the Magical truck Adventure is now starting to work!
It feels like 7 years or something since I bought and shipped the MTA Model3 unit to the Guru who dumped/added the roms to MAME. After this long, I had become resigned to the thought that work on Sega Model 2/3 emulation had pretty much hit a point where it was as good as it was ever going to get, so I would never see Magical Truck Adventure actually run. You guys are truly amazing. Keep up the great work, especially the Sega emulation!

Tanks for the works !!!!!

Keep up the good work guys!

Even if my platform of choice to play Virtua Striker 2 is Naomi/DC, it would be great to be able to play the original Model 3 iterations (VS2, VS2v98, VS2v99 and VS2v99.1) to remember all that saturday afternoons at my local arcade, and compare the little tweaks between versions.

Thank you!

Man, I am sure devs will eventually add some kind of GPU plugins for hardware acceleration of 3D games; but I so wish it takes another 10 or 15 years to be done, because people who can’t even spellcheck their shit before throwing it to google translator and copy-paste to here simply don’t deserve it.

Guys, seriously, what makes you guys even take your time to answer people like that (Joes)?

Thank you Haze, thank you devs.

Bob: the OSD work is primarily for cleanup and eliminating duplicated code right now. Modernization will start happening after the new build system goes in (we’re like the last major F/OSS project using bare non-generated makefiles).

Rappa: Supermodel emulates faithfully VS2 and VS2 ’98. Maybe with these discoveries a new versión will be released with support for VS2 ’99 and VS2’99.1. You’re right, each versión has things that makes it different to the others.

ShengLuc supermodel 3 emulator is already dead. now it’s to late. demul is the hope.

CGR – Work on the source of Supermodel 3, and then we talk about the speed emulation soon.

Mike – Try to work on the source of Supermodel 3, and then we talk about the speed emulation soon.

I also assume that Supermodel is dead, that’s why I consider very important the work that makes Model 3 games playable in MAME.

Also I prefer the way MAME handles emulation,with accuracy as first objective.

@kattybaby Are you dumb?

CGR – You are not even a guy as well with experience to work on supermodel. So make yourself as a dumb.

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