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July 15, 2017 Haze Categories: General News. 1 Comment on Any good Thunder Hoop (1) players with a PCB?

Just putting this out there

I’m trying to improve the priorities in this game (and some of the other older Gaelco drivers in general, as the priority handling seems a bit hacky)

However, I can’t find any playthroughs of Thunder Hoop 1 that were recorded on an original PCB, only videos from MAME with all the priority bugs present, so ideally, if anybody out there has the actual PCB for the game and is good enough to do a playthrough and record it at a high quality for YouTube that would assist me in knowing what to aim for; there are quite a lot of priority cases where I’m not really sure what should be displayed.

Also if anybody can verify, on the PCB, the bug whereby if you die for the first time on level 4 without dying earlier in the game it crashes, that would be handy too, but given how easy it is to die in the game that’s quite a bug ask. It seems unlikely this bug is emulation related, and much more likely it’s an original game bug, but it would be handy to know for sure.

The best video I can find is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThB-RQfcLBc (which is an excellent quality video, and shows me a number of good cases in the first level, but that doesn’t cover the whole game)

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I have an original PCB of Thunder Hoop, as well as TH Strikes Back. I can do a full playthrough when I find the time. There are many sprite priority bugs in the emulated MAME version. I won’t be able to do a direct feed, though. The best I can do is a hi-res camera capture of the screen.

I even did a video not too long ago to show the priority bugs to a friend. Nice coincidence: https://youtu.be/FKRKt2c-XwY

Also, I see you’re doing some work on TH Strikes Back. Is there a chance this will lead to the ability of reviving dead boards? My TH Strikes Back has an issue. It freezes in the later part of the second stage. I haven’t been able to contact any of the Gaelco employees, but a decrypted romset could save my, and many other boards out there.

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