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November 27, 2019 Haze Categories: General News. 11 Comments on Thank You Morten Kirkegaard

I just wanted to write a brief thank you to Morten Kirkegaard who passed away earlier today, at 12:45 on Wednesday 27th November 2019 after a drawn out battle with cancer.

While I never knew Morten personally outside of contact on IRC and emails, he was a key part of the team of two man Danish team featuring Peter Wilhelmsen who together overcame some of the toughest challenges emulation faced in the time they worked together.

Even knowing his own chances of survival were low, his interest in both technical challenges, and the retro scene was such that he made the choice to pour his remaining time and money into doing something that would outlast the days he had remaining, and make a long term difference.

That he did, with magnificent results. The DS5002FP protected Gaelco games for example could only be dumped thanks to the work he put in, a path full of setbacks, boards suiciding and even once a working setup was found there was still a high risk each time. To put things into perspective, prior to Morten and Peter taking on the challenge it was one that most people had already written off as simply impossible.

For the games themselves, thanks to Morten’s work we’re fortune enough to have dumps of all the known ones, including the rare Goldart, which I regret not being able to finalize the emulation of while he was still around to see it, still, Morten did understand the challenges involved, and the part of the that task could only be done with him present was complete, so he excitedly continued to work on other things.

His final contributions, included working with Peter on dumping the Air Blaster plug and play, which even in a severely weakened state he opted to take home for a weekend, and work well into the night on finding a dumping solution that worked, debugging the FPGA based dumper and tangle of wires until he had a dump we were satisfied with in what can only be considered an act of complete selflessness, pushing past the pain barrier making light of his rapidly declining and severely debilitating condition.

Between that other contributions included fathoming the Gunpey Arcade decompression scheme, and likewise doing the same for Sega’s Decathlete (and I hope we can finish off that work for the Print Club games using the same type of chip) as well as work on more obscure titles such as Hoei’s Future Flash, the Gamate handheld and many other important pieces of work.

As a person, he always came across as incredibly skilled, and self-motivated, but still humble and happy just to see things progress; a rare mix that made him a joy to work with. If at any point I wasn’t convinced by the results of something being presented to me I only had to say and he would take another look.

In the end he didn’t win his own battle, but certainly achieved his goal of keeping other things alive for as long as people still have an interest in them.

I know Peter was a lot closer to Morten, and considered him a good friend, and so has been hit hard by this, regardless of how expected it was, but even as a distant colleague in another country I can honestly say his presence will be missed both on a personal and technical level.

Thank you for everything.


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Sad news David. We have all benefited from all these people, who have worked so hard on this and other emulation projects, that they do so without payment, and even at a heavy financial burden to themselves, buying the hardware and the equipment to do this work, for the love and joy of preserving these amazing pieces of hardware and software. Rest in Peace Morten, thoughts for him and his family, as well as Peter too are in our Prayers!

A posthumous and special thanks to Morten and let’s make of this sad moment an excuse to express a great thanks to all who have participated in the great preservation project called MAME.

Thank You Morten Kirkegaard.

If there can even be something like a silver lining to a passing like this is that Moki got to go out guns blazing, clawing at the stuff he felt deserved it – something that was anything but certain when the dreaded disease had just announced its presence. Unfortunate timing stopped a recent gettogether, but prior to that we had an awesome evening together with very memorable talks, with me receiving a severe beating in Gunpey. The Scandinavian hacking scene has lost one of its foremost champions, and many of us has lost a great friend and comrade – though I am sure he will continue to find ways to hand out ‘free’ pen-tests. Thank you Morten.

Thank you Morten.

A great mind called home far too early.

Rest in peace, Mr. Kirkegaard. Your courage, kindness, and selflessness will never be forgotten.

Requiescat in pace.

It’s so sad… thank you Morten for all your great and hard work. Rest in peace

I am so sorry to hear of his passing. All the contributions he made to the project will be remembered.

Travel safely Morten Kirkegaard over The Rainbow Bridge. The MAMEDev Team and it;s fans will remember you always.

Thank you for your work .. you will never be forgotten since your soul is in the MAME.
– Sincere condolences to familie.

Thank you.

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