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January 22, 2015 Haze Categories: General News. 1 Comment on Revenge isn’t so sweet

Using the new knowledge (and ST-V hookup for the encryption) talked about in the previous post Metallic was able to brute force a key for Capcom’s “Final Fight Revenge” allowing it to boot.

Final Fight Revenge Final Fight Revenge
Final Fight Revenge Final Fight Revenge
Final Fight Revenge Final Fight Revenge

It’s slow and glitchy (but no surprise, the Saturn version in MESS is too, so I don’t think the issues are caused by bad decryption) and definitely one of Capcom’s weaker efforts but it’s nice to finally have it running, it was previously the only ST-V game that didn’t boot at all because they encrypt the first few blocks of code meaning it couldn’t start up at all.

Hopefully we can improve the ST-V / Saturn emulation a bit sometime soon.

1 Comment

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As a fighting game is terrible bad, but it’s very interestanting game for Arcade history…
Good to see that it can start now!

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