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June 6, 2016 Haze Categories: General News. 10 Comments on Note

don’t read too much into the post below, it’s just something for Shoutime, I’ll unlock it if / when he gives permission.

break from MAME to concentrate on life hasn’t exactly gone as planned because I broke my arm, am basically restricted to 1 handed typing which takes 10x longer, and haven’t been able to concentrate on either.

if I don’t hear from Shoutime by Wednesday it will probably remain locked for another week at least because I’m off to the Download festival, with a broken arm, against my better judgement. Good thing it’s local.


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Take Care Haze.

Get well soon.

…I am sure some people ahem ahem… would say you say you broke it (or even worse actually broke it) to get all the attention. :D :D :D
You know I am right. :P

Get well soon, Haze!

Speedy recovery fella. Have a top time @ Download.

Haze, get some sun for your natural vitamin D, take in some natural calcium somehow, (maybe kefir?), immobilize the arm, get water and lots of rest.



I’ve been following the MAME project since my high school time around nine years ago and had a blast with both the program itself and the hellarious microcosmos surrounding it. The MAME telenovella without Haze will be like Friends without Joey.

Get well soon!

@ Download don’t miss Grand Magus for some cheesy Power Metal and don’t miss Scorpion Child and Kadavar and of course Graveyard.
Have a great time!

Wish you a fast recovery, you one-handed typist.

Hello,Haze! How was it in the festival? I hope your arm is better.I know how it’s hard to do things with just one hand.I twisted my pulse badly once (actually,i broke it!) and had to use my left hand to write for quite some time.Being a right-handed person,it was really tough for me so i feel your pain.Be well,Haze! I’m a great fan of your works on Mame.

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